Chief Engineer

Dec 2nd @ 11:59 pm in People by Bee

JIM FRANK, our Chief Engineer, is a rarity round here, a true Montrose native. He was born in Montrose Memorial Hospital just in time to live through the 60’s. Jim attended grade school in Grand Junction, and then graduated from Montrose high school in 1977.

He was a physics major at CSU in Fort Collins, took several years off, and got a degree in electronics in 1988.

Jim’s jobs have been varied and interesting, at least to him. He’s built houses, washed dishes, laid concrete, worked in a geotechnical lab, and had an electronic repair business of his own for a while. When he started as a broadcast engineer back in 1994, he found that radio is addictive, and has been doing it ever since.

Jim and his wife are dedicated Christians, and are members of Grace Community Church. Roena teaches five and six year olds, and he help out with the sound system.

His hobbies include blacksmithing, making knives and swords, and  he has a passionate love of acapella singing, especially with Dolce Voce, a local eight member vocal group.