Dec 6th @ 10:38 am in People by Bee

JIM KAPP was born who knows where and when and was raised in a foreign place called New York.

His radio background started in up-state New York but when Horace Greeley said, “Go West young man”, Jim actually took his advice… go figure. He landed in New Mexico among a nest of aliens who took him in as one of their own. He spent radio time in Roswell, Grants and Gallup. Due to the radio signals, the aliens keep finding him.

Jim fled New Mexico in 1998 for beautiful Colorado. Despite the voices in his head beckoning him like a dutiful cyborg to come back to New Mexico, the tin foil helmet has provided the protection needed to keep him in Montrose.

His life outside radio includes hiking, biking, swimming 4-wheeling, working out with weights and other tests of the effects of gravitational pull this planet has on objects like Jeeps.

Jim is still influenced by alien ideas as anyone who has enjoyed his humor can attest.