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Dec 7th @ 3:07 pm in People by Scott Staley

Scott’s Nutritional Cleansing Information

You could start your morning without SCOTT STALEY and the “Almost Nearly Not Quite Famous Morning Show”… but we wouldn’t recommend it. You never know what to expect during Scott’s Morning Show with his unique sense of humor, but Scott’s always good for a laugh…even if it is at his own expense.

How did Scott Staley get into radio? Well, the judge said “either work at the radio station, or community service.” The choice was not hard! But seriously, Scott got his start in radio at a Classic Rock Station in Oklahoma City… He actually won an on-air contest, and was later offered an internship at the station.The rest, is history. A few years later, he jumped across town to an Adult Contemporary station… Stir in an Oldies and Hot AC Station along the way, mix with a Country Station or two, and now he calls Western Colorado home.

Scott has picked up several awards throughout the years for his show, including a National Communicator Award for Best Medium Market Show, and 4 Colorado Broadcasters Association Awards.

In addition to being a morning show host, Scott is also the Program Director for all 3 of our radio stations…94KIX, 103.7 THE BLAST, amd AM 580 KUBC, as well as the Music Director.

When he’s not behind the mic, he’s hanging out with his beautiful wife and awesome little daughter (A chip off the ‘ol block). You’ll sometimes hear his daughter on a station commercial or promo.

Catch him weekday mornings from 6 ‘til 10 on Colorado Country 94KIX. (Listen carefully, we’ll need witnesses in court if he says anything offensive).