May 21st @ 11:00 am in News by Scott Staley

**Tuesday November 11, 2008–Day of incident**
Outside the main entrance to high school–slashing happened just inside the door in the hallway. (Janine Mayfield)

One of the responders to the incident.
(Janine Mayfield)

Outside of Main Entrance to High School
(Janine Mayfield)

Mallory Haulman was assaulted this morning at Montrose High School around 8:00am. Mallory, a 10th grader, was seriously injured and taken to Montrose Memorial Hospital, where she underwent surgery.

A male juvenile suspect entered the school and attacked Mallory. During this morning’s press conference, police say the attack happened in the hallway with, what is described as, a straight-edged weapon. A number of students witnessed the incident because it happened before the first bell when students were still roaming the halls.

The suspect has never been a Montrose High School student but is from the district. He was in alternative placement rather than in school. Montrose High School was dismissed while other Montrose schools remain open.

MHS principal Jill Myers says the school lockdown procedure worked very effectively and was implemented within about three minutes. She said the Montrose Police Department responded quickly and appropriately. Other agencies responding to the scene of the crime were the Colorado State Patrol, the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office, and the Montrose Fire Department.

School is open for regular session tomorrow. We are honoring the schools request that no students be interviewed regarding today’s incident. There will be an informational meeting tonight at 7:00pm in the Lloyd McMillan Gym. According to Jill Myers, “This will be a time for parents to come together to learn more about today’s incident.”     (Posted 11/11/08)

A male suspect, who is not a student at MHS, was quickly apprehended at N. 3rd Street and Townsend Avenue and is now in custody. The police department has confirmed that the suspect is 14-years-old. The attack happened in the hallway with, what was described as, a straight edge weapon. Because it happened before the first bell, there wee a number of student witnesses. The suspect hs never been a Montrose High School student but is from the district. The suspect was in alternative placement rather that in school.    (Posted 11/11/08)

Montrose High School held an informational meeting for parents, students, and members of the community Tuesday evening in the high school gym. Principal Jill Myers gave a synopsis of what happened and then opened the floor for questions.   (Posted 11/11/08)

Many prayers are going out to Mallory and her family. Grace Community Church in Montrose opened up “The Grove” tonight, a gathering place for teenagers, to regroup. Youth Pastor Jason Gressman is avaliable for the youths of Montrose to talk to and offer prayers and advice. He said if middle school students wish to stop by “The Grove” Wednesday night, they can, and “The Grove” will be open to high school students again Thursday night. To get in touch with Jason, call 209-6072.   (Posted 11/11/08)

**Thursday November 13, 2008**
Montrose High School is continuing with extra security at the school today as well as having counselors available to students and staff. A 14-year-old boy, who did not attend the high school, attacked 17-year-old Mallory Haulman Tuesday morning. The incident is under investigation. Mallory was released from the hospital yesterday and is recovering at home. The boy entered the school before the first bell even rang, allowing for plenty of witnesses to the attack. Its reported that the boy used a straight edge weapon in the assault, but it’s not known at this time what the connection of the boy to the girl is, if any. The police department reports that the boy is being held on an attempted 1st degree murder charge.   (Posted 11/13/08)

In light of recent events pertaining to school safety, its important to remind Coloradoans of the critical importance of the Safe2Tell hotline. As a direct outcome of the Columbine Commission’s Report and the Colorado Trust’s Safe Communities~Safe Schools Initiative, the hotline was created to implement at critical recommendation: to provide an anonymous venue for parents, students, teachers, school administrators, and law enforcement to share information. Research shows that in 81% of violent incidents in U.S. schools, someone other than the attacker knew it was going to happen but failed to report it. Typically the information goes unreported because of fear of being a “snitch,” or that the attacker will then target the informant—thereby creating a “code of silence.” To penetrate this code of silence Safe2Tell was created as a statewide anonymous hotline to accept calls whenever a Colorado youth or concerned adult perceives a threat to their safety or the safety of others. For more information visit or to report the knowledge of an incident call 877-542-SAFE.   (Posted 11/13/08)

**Friday November 14, 2008**
Breaking news from a highly placed source tells us that a 2nd 14-year-old male has been taken into custody. This juvenile is enrolled into Montrose High School. A motive of the case has yet to be determined. On Tuesday, 17-year-old Mallory Haulman was attacked with a straight-edge weapon before the first class even began. She is at home and recovering. Police caught the first 14-year-old suspect, not a student of MHS, after a short foot chase immediately after the incident. That suspect is being held on attempted first-degree murder charges.    (Posted 11/14/08)