NEWS: Monday January 25, 2010

Jan 25th @ 10:21 pm in News by Scott Staley

The Olathe Board of Trustees approved Ordinance 2010-03 at tonight’s regular meeting. The ordinance amends Title IV of the code of the Town of Olathe, concerning business regulation, by adding a new Chapter 4. The ordinance also amends Title IX of the code of the Town of Olathe (amending section 9-1-24-A), all concerning possession of medical marijuana. The ordinance passed unanimously 5-0 with Mayor Dan Kelso and Trustee Doyle James absent. Before the regular meeting, discussion regarding this ordinance was held during the work session. Owner of THC with TLC, William Hewitt, walked out of the meeting in disagreement with the fee the town is asking all caregivers in Olathe to pay, $3,000. A liquor license in Olathe runs only $1,500 and while Hewitt doesn’t want to be treated as a liquor store, he feels his fines shouldn’t be any higher, saying the town is against him and sick people. He wanted to hold one more meeting on the issue, saying he’d bring representation with him, but the trustees said they’ve devoted more than enough time on the issue (pushing the voting back two meetings). In the end, Mayor Pro-tem Ted Jiron said that they’re looking at long-term and not specifically at Hewitt’s business. The goal of the ordinance is simply to safeguard the public, the customers, and the owner of the dispensary.
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