NEWS: Thursday January 28, 2010

Jan 28th @ 10:00 am in News by Scott Staley

After President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address last night, local politicians let us know their two cents:

Jane Norton: “For all his talk of getting the economy back on track, President Obama still seems not to understand the underlying flaw that has defined his first year as President: it is the private sector, not government, that creates jobs and economic growth. For every issue facing America – the recession, healthcare reform, energy policy – this President has proposed Big Government solutions.

“I believe it’s time for small business tax relief without the Big Government strings attached. It’s time for healthcare reform that’s focused on bringing down costs, not putting Big Government into your doctor’s office. It’s time for an energy policy that embraces the domestic production of clean natural gas and other market-based solutions, not Big Government mandates.

“In short, it’s time we let the market lead the economy of this great nation back to prosperity. It’s time for less government, and more freedom for America.”

Andrew Romanoff: “The president made it clear he inherited a mess and that Congress was part of the problem,” Romanoff said. “ He said too many politicians seemed more interested in their own job security than in ours. It was a strong speech. It needs to be matched by strong action by Congress.”
Source: Daily Sentinel

Scott Tipton: “Again and again over the past year, the American people have sent a clear message to Democrats in Washington: we don’t want your leftist agenda. We saw this message play out first in Virginia and New Jersey last November, and again this past Tuesday in Massachusetts. President Obama’s response in tonight’s State of the Union address was to double down on the same failed policies that Americans overwhelmingly reject, albeit dressed up and repackaged in fancy new language.”

“There is nothing more disheartening than knowing that one in every ten Americans is ready and willing to work, yet unable to find a job. Even many of those lucky enough to still be employed are struggling amidst decimated 401(k)’s and plunging home values. Tonight the president said that “jobs will be our number one focus in 2010,” and to make his point he called on Congress to pass “a new jobs bill” to encourage job creation and stimulate the economy. Yet it was less than one year ago that President Obama first called on Congress to pass legislation to stimulate the economy and encourage job creation. The $787 billion so-called “stimulus” bill passed by Nancy Pelosi, John Salazar, and the rest of the Democrats in Congress, was signed into law by President Obama in February 2009 when national unemployment stood at 7.2%. Today, at more than 10% unemployment and billions of dollars in wasted spending later, we cannot afford another wasted spending bill – whether it’s called a stimulus or a jobs bill we know the only thing it grows is government. A return to small government and free markets is the key to unleashing the economic potential of America. It’s time Washington recognized it.”

“Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike all agree that there is much to be improved in our current health care delivery system, but Americans have also firmly rejected the Obama and the Democrats’ current over-spending, over-regulating “reform” monstrosity. There is a better way. Health care reform does not require the creation of large federal bureaucracies, or the imposition of new fees and taxes to cover the costs of corrupt political deals such as the so-called ‘Cornhusker Kickback’ or ‘Louisiana Purchase’. One simple and costless reform would go a long way to reducing the cost of insurance immediately, without thousands of complex new rules and regulations or additional taxes and fees: allowing Americans to purchase health insurance across state lines as we currently do with auto insurance, life insurance, and hundreds of other consumer products. A national market for health insurance would drive down costs through increased competition, making insurance affordable and accessible for the thousands of families who currently are forced to go without. “

“President Obama was swept into office just over a year ago on promises of transparency and bipartisanship, peace and prosperity, hope and change. One year into this administration and we have yet to see renewed transparency or bipartisanship, and prosperity has never seemed farther from reach. We have listened this year as the president has made us promise after promise, and we listened tonight as he did so again. If the past year is any indication, the promises made in tonight’s State of the Union will be just as empty.”

Michael Bennet: “Tonight, after a difficult year for our country, the President spoke directly to the American people about the serious challenges we face, and the serious work we need to do to address them.

“Our number one priority right now needs to be jobs, and I’m pleased President Obama made that the central focus of tonight’s remarks.  We need to do more to create jobs, to provide tax relief for small businesses, and to restore economic security and stability for middle class families.

“Part of that security will come from strong, sensible reforms that hold Wall Street bankers accountable for their own bad decisions.  But it will also come from improving and reforming our public schools and lowering the crushing cost of health care for working families.

“As the father of three little girls and the former superintendent of schools, I appreciated the President’s focus on improving our schools and providing the funds necessary to get public education back on track.  I’m eager to work with the White House and with school districts across Colorado – our parents and our teachers – to help turn our schools around and prepare our kids for the new economy.

“I was pleased to hear the President address the deficits and debts that threaten to constrain our kids’ choices.  Saddling our children with a debilitating debt is simply immoral, and President Obama was right to hold Washington accountable for its spending habits.

“The challenges we face are serious, and they won’t be addressed unless we fix the way Washington does business – unless we put aside partisan bickering, dismiss the special interests and put problem solving and the American people first. After a lost decade of declining wages and eroding security for the middle class, the last thing working families can afford is more of the same – and it’s going to require all of us, working together, to get results.”
Source: Press Releases   (Posted 8:56a)