NEWS: Thursday January 28, 2010

Jan 28th @ 10:15 am in News by Scott Staley

Last week was the first time since July 25, 2009, Sheriff Rick Dunlap listened to the 911 tapes regarding the shootings that took place on 16915 64.50 Road. He cried as he remembered….the horror the entire Montrose community felt when he heard the words, “Shots fired, Officers down!”  Yesterday he presented awards to five Sheriff’s Office employees involved in that incident. Veteran dispatcher Cheryl Hill and newcomers Trevor Blackman and Chuck Long worked the phones and radios that night. Sheriff Dunlap presented the three with a certification of commendation for the courage they displayed that fateful night.  Deputy Ben Halsey was the first to respond, followed shortly by Deputy Matthew Taramarcaz. Sheriff Dunlap presented each man with the Medal of Valor.  Both men said the incident is still fresh in their eyes and hearts, but are honored to work with and represent the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office.  Two Montrose Police officers were wounded that night, and Sgt. Dave Kinterknecht lost his life. Law enforcement was responding to the Gurney residence on a domestic violence call. Dennis Gurney shot the officers and then took his own life.  42-year-old Sgt. Kinterknecht was laid to rest on July 31, 2009. After hands were shook, hugs were given, and tears were cried, Sheriff Dunlap told us that “the Sheriff’s Office is a family. We look out for each other, we care for each other, and that’s just the way we approach it.”
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sheriff presenting awards to dispatchers 012710
(Sheriff Dunlap presenting Certification of Commendation to dispatchers Cheryl Hill, Trevor Blackman, and Chuck Long)

sheriff presenting medal of valor2 012710
(Sheriff Dunlap presenting Medal of Valor to Deputy Ben Halsey-with his wife Angela, and Deputy Matthew Taramarcaz-with his wife Sarah)

matt, sheriff, cheryl, ben 012710
(Deputy Matthew Taramarcaz, Sheriff Rick Dunlap, Dispatcher Cheryl Hill, and Deputy Ben Halsey)

Larry Witte id 1Rodney Ragsdale id
(Wounded officers Larry Witte and Rod Ragsdale)

Dave Kinterknecht

(Sgt. Dave Kinterknecht)