NEWS: Thursday January 28, 2010

Jan 28th @ 1:46 pm in News by Scott Staley

San Miguel Power Association, Inc. (SMPA) will kick off its new energy tracking program, Watch-A-Watt, Monday, February 1, 2010. The program provides SMPA members access to electronic devices called, Kill A Watts, which measure the kilowatt hour consumption of various home appliances. SMPA is donating three Kill A Watts to each library within their service territory. All members will have the ability to check out the device just as they would a library book.

Kill A Watt devices will be available at the following libraries for SMPA members’ convenience:

Ridgway Public Library – 300 Charles St., Ridgway, CO 81432; (970) 626-5252
Ouray Public Library – 320 6th Ave., Ouray, CO 81427; (970) 325-4616
Silverton Public Library – 1111 Reese, Silverton, CO 81433; (970) 387-5770
Wilkinson Public Library – 100 West Pacific Ave., Telluride, CO 81435; (970) 728-4519
Norwood Public Library – 1110 Lucerne St., Norwood, CO 81423; (970) 327-4129
Naturita Public Library – 411 W. 2nd Ave., Naturita, CO 81422; (970) 865-2848
Nucla Public Library – 544 Main St., Nucla, CO 81424; (970) 864-2166
Rico Public Library – 2 N. Commercial St., Rico, CO 81332; (970) 967-2103

The Kill A Watt is a simple device that measures the kilowatt hour usage, among other things, of an individual household appliance. Plug an appliance, such as a television or refrigerator, into the Kill A Watt, which is plugged into your typical household outlet. The Kill A Watt will show you what your appliance is using in kilowatt hours, the same measurement used by SMPA on electricity bills.

“One of the most common challenges for people is recognizing what is using electricity in their home. The lights may be off and no one home, but if something is plugged in it is using power,” said SMPA General Manager Kevin Ritter. “Our Watch-A-Watt program will help members identify exactly what is using power in their home. It’s different for everyone.”

The co-op identifies old appliances, especially water heaters, washing machines and refrigerators, as some of the most common culprits of high energy usage. Next on their list are electric space heaters. Used sparingly and in small spaces, the co-op says spaces heaters can do their job well. However, all too often space heaters are used as an alternative, rather than a supplement, to a heating system. They are being used to heat too large of spaces for too long, and that’s when they become energy hogs.

Contact your local library for availability and check out policies, which may vary between organizations. For more information visit Information about the Watch-A-Watt program is located under the energy efficiency menu tab.

San Miguel Power Association, Inc. is a member owned, locally controlled rural electric cooperative with offices in Nucla and Ridgway, CO. It is the mission of San Miguel Power Association, Inc. to demonstrate corporate responsibility and community service while providing safe, reliable, cost effective and   environmentally responsible electrical service. SMPA serves approximately 9,600 members and 13,000 meters and supports local communities with $200,000 annually in property taxes.
Source: PSA   (Posted 1:02p)

A new private school is set to open in Crested Butte this fall. According to the Gunnison Country Times, the Studio Art School will offer an upper elementary and middle school academic program.  Tuition for the school will be over $3,500. Interested families will undergo an interview process and need to contact Sue Wilson by March 15th at 275-6339.
Source: Gunnison Country Times (Posted 12:46p)