NEWS: Tuesday February 23, 2010

Feb 23rd @ 11:49 am in News by Scott Staley

Montrose Regional Airport received a $250,000 grant approved by the Governor. The money will go to terminal expansion. More than 93,000 passengers pass through Montrose’s airport terminal each year, and the current space just isn’t cutting it. According to Governor Ritter’s office, $5.7 million will be distributed among Colorado airports for various improvement projects.
Source: Press Release  (Posted 10:49a)

Search and rescue teams are looking for a snowboarder who was last seen Saturday at the Wolf Creek Ski Area in Mineral County. The Daily Sentinel says Wayne Alexander Brown of Alamosa appears to be snowboarding alone. The weather has been bad in the area, with 41 inches of snow falling since Saturday. A third search is underway today.
Source: Daily Sentinel/AP   (Posted 10:47a)

The cause or manner of death in the found Olathe man remains undetermined at this time. Delta County Deputy Coroner Mike Worthington tells the Daily Press that the tests are inconclusive as there wasn’t much to work with. Abe Martinez went missing in August and was found by a ditch rider in Delta County last week. At this time, foul play doesn’t appear to be a factor in the 52-year-old’s death.
Source: Daily Press (Posted 10:46a)

Drug users could end up getting treatment instead of long prison sentences under legislation picking up bipartisan support at the Capitol. The Denver Post says Republican Representative Mark Waller of Colorado Springs plans to introduce a bill this week that would change the standard for when someone is prosecuted as a drug user as opposed to a drug dealer. Currently, the tipping point for determining whether someone is dealing or using is whether they have more or less than 1 gram. The bill would change that to 4 grams for most drugs.  Waller says the current system wastes money by putting addicts in prison. He wants to use the money saved from reduced sentences to pay for drug treatment.
Source: Denver Post/AP   (Posted 10:46a)