NEWS: Tuesday February 23, 2010

Feb 23rd @ 7:01 am in News by Scott Staley

The Delta Police Department has released a public sex offender website. The site is for residents to learn whom and where registered sex offenders are located in the Delta community. Individuals convicted of Sex Crimes are required by Colorado State Statute 16-22-103 to register as a sexual offender. You can access the sex offender website via, by clicking on “Sex Offender Listing.” For questions regarding the website, call the Delta Police Department at 874-7676.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 5:57a)

Grand Junction had to shut down a popular reservoir after learning that the small-mouth bass there tested for high levels of mercury. NBC 11 News says more than 26,000 city residents get their water from the Juniata Reservoir, and that city officials say the water is still safe to drink, but they’ve padlocked the area until the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment meets with the city on March 9th.  This meeting will determine what to do with the fish.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 5:56a)

The Colorado State University System Board of Governors is expected to vote on whether to ban concealed weapons at its campuses. The CSU campuses in Fort Collins and Pueblo are among a handful nationwide where concealed weapons are permitted. KJCT says the board is expected to take a vote today. Students on both campuses oppose the bans while faculty supports it. The ban would allow exemptions for educational purposes and to people who face a serious threat, if they have a concealed-carry permit.
Source: KJCT/AP   (Posted 5:55a)

Speaking of concealed carry, it is now legal to carry loaded guns in almost all national parks. The new law went into effect yesterday. Guns will not be allowed in visitor centers or rangers’ offices, because firearms are banned in federal buildings.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 5:55a)