NEWS: Wednesday February 24, 2010

Feb 24th @ 8:16 am in News by Scott Staley

Health report ranks Montrose County. Last week the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute released the 2010 County Health Rankings, a collection of 50 reports that reflect the overall health of counties in every state across the nation. The report provides a broad snapshot of Montrose County’s health by comparing its overall health with other Colorado counties.

“This report is important because it allows us to see what areas we’re doing well in and where we need to improve. It also helps us identify factors that make it difficult for our residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Peg Mewes, Director of Health and Human Services for Montrose County. “I think it’s important to remember that everyone has a stake in their community’s health and every individual must work together to improve Montrose County’s overall health.”

Here’s a brief glimpse of where Montrose County ranks in comparison to the rest of the state:

Clinical Care
This category included: uninsured adults, primary care provider rate, preventable hospital stays, diabetic screening and hospice use. Montrose County ranked well in clinical care at 19 out of 56 counties.

Health Behaviors
This category included: adult smoking, adult obesity, binge drinking, motor vehicle crash death rate, Chlamydia rate, and teen birth rate. Montrose County ranked 23 out of 56 counties.

Physical Environment
This category included: air pollution-particle matter days and ozone days, access to healthy foods and liquor store density. Montrose County ranked 25 out of 56 counties.

Social & Economic Factors
This category included: high school graduation, college degrees, unemployment, child poverty, income inequality, inadequate social support, single-parent households.Montrose County has room for improvement in this area ranking 40 out of 56 counties.

This category represented length of life, based on how many people die before their 75th birthday. Montrose County ranked 20 out of 56 counties.

This category included: self-reported poor or fair health, poor physical health days, poor mental health days and the percent of births with low birthweight. Montrose County ranked 23 out of 56 counties.

To view the report and detailed statistics visit:
Source: Press Release    (Posted 7:55a)

Organizations within Montrose remain supportive as they continue to be shuffled along as part of a restructuring project.  Monday was the first Montrose ACT board meeting, and a planning session is set for March 10th.  One of the bigger focuses right now is the former MAMA group, who tells the Daily Press that they received a letter last week of a notice of suspended funding. A concern of MAMA’s is who’s going to take over their annual programs such MAMA Bucks, Kudos, and the Parade of Lights.  Ken Brengle was recently brought in as the Montrose ACT’s chief restructuring officer.  Since he’s been on board, the Montrose Chamber of Commerce, Visitor and Convention Bureau, and the Montrose Area Merchant Association have been broken down and combined.
Source: Daily Press (Posted 7:15a)

Cedaredge will have an official Police Chief March 1st. According to Mountain Valley News, Robert Yant, former Police Chief of Norwood, was selected by Town Administrator Katie Sickles to be the next Chief of Police in Cedaredge. Yant was one of three Colorado applicants for the position, which had a total of 26 applicants altogether. Cedaredge Trustees will officially appoint Yant at the regular meeting of the Board in March.
Source: Mountain Valley News (Posted 7:15a)

A Nebraska woman was arrested yesterday after police found three pounds of methamphetamine in her car Monday afternoon. NBC 11 News says Grecia Rodriguez-Ulloa was pulled over by a State Trooper on a traffic violation in Mesa County when he not only noticed a 4-month old baby in the car, but also 3.3 pounds of meth.  The baby was released to the Mesa County Department of Human Services as the woman was booked into the County Jail. Rodriguez-Ulloa appears in court March 2nd.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 7:14a)

The Norwood Public schools are asking their community to come to a public forum tomorrow regarding the 2010-2011 budget. The Norwood Post writes that a recent survey by the students shows that the biggest concerns they have is bullying, mainly in middle school.  The Norwood School Counselor said she’s not surprised as it’s common among that age, but that the school intends on continuing to address the issue. Part of the solution is supervision, and the school district says this is one area that won’t be a part of the budget cut. The public forum is tomorrow at 7 in the Norwood School All Purpose Room.
Source: Norwood Post (Posted 7:13a)