NEWS; Mar. 1, 2010

Mar 1st @ 4:02 pm in News by Scott Staley

One lane open US 50 MM 96 to MM 98. Traffic  will be alternating so you can expect some delays. Earlier Hwy50 had been completely shut down due to an accident.  3 vehicles were involved, one possibly being a semi.  CDOT was called on the scene to dump sand on about 40 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled onto the roadway.  No word yet on the condition of the occupants….
(Posted 4:02p by Jim Kapp)

Gary Ellis, Montrose County Commissioner for District 2, invites the public to join him at the Montrose Library tomorrow for an announcement which is scheduled for 12 Noon. Meanwhile earlier today the Board of County Commissioners approved a couple of nominations.  Kathyrn Sellars has been approved as the City/County Representative to the All Points Transit Board and Caroline Schmidt was approved as Emergency Management Coordinator to represent Montrose County on the Western Regional EMS and Trauma Advisory Council…. (Posted 4:04p by Jim Kapp)

Gunnison County’s chances of being part of a wireless web mesh network has been dashed, for now. Both Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte are out of the running for the stimulus money that would have helped fund the project.  Town of Gunnison also got shutout.  The Crested Butte News say that both the Rural Utility Services Broadband Initiatives Program and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration will be shelling out 7.2 billion dollars in stimulus funds but unfortunately much of that will not come to Colorado.
Source: Crested Butte News (Posted 5:31p by Jim Kapp)