NEWS: Wednesday March 3, 2010

Mar 3rd @ 6:32 am in News by Scott Staley

The City of Delta has selected Joe Kerby as their new City Manager, (contingent upon a signed contract). If all goes according to plan, Kerby is expected to start his new duties with the City of Delta in the middle of April. Six candidates applied for the position. Kerby is the former Montrose County Manager, and is currently the Assistant Douglas County Manager.
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A 25-year-old Montrose man suffered serious injures after a car crash earlier this week. Nathan Collins was driving the pickup truck that struck a semi head-on just after 11:00am Monday. Collins was headed eastbound on Highway 50 near milemarker 97 when he began traveling into oncoming traffic in the westbound lane. 52-year-old Joseph Gilbert was driving the semi that Collins crashed into. Highway 50 was completely blocked off at that milemarker for an hour. Four hours later, the road was completely cleared for regular traffic flow. Citations in this accident are still pending.
Source: Colorado State Patrol   (Posted 5:30a)

Garfield County Sheriff’s Office saves millions. At a time when governmental entities across the nation are dealing with revenue shortfalls and service curtailments, Sheriff Lou Vallario returned more than $2.1 million (12%) of last year’s $17,456,244.00 annual operating budget to the citizens he serves. Under Sheriff Vallario’s sound leadership, all Garfield County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) departments synergized their efforts to trim expenses while enhancing regional public safety responses and initiatives.

During these difficult economic times, Sheriff Vallario directed his administrative, patrol and detentions personnel to seek stringent cost saving measures while continually meeting operational needs. A few key adjustments included optimally utilizing in-house trainers to fulfill professional requirements, enhancing the applications process for heightened hiring standards and fine-tuning competitive acquisitions procedures in purchasing inmate meals and much-needed equipment.

Implementing best management practices, Sheriff Vallario did not have to resort to layoffs or furloughs to keep salaries and employee benefits in check. Supervisors made the most of flexible shift schedules to keep overtime hours at a minimum, thus reducing respective salary expenses and employee burnout. All GCSO members pulled together to execute mission requirements with the goal of returning any unused funds to the communities where the money ultimately belongs.

Sheriff Vallario holds to the belief that just because funding is allotted to the GCSO does not mean it should be spent without discretion. He and the Board of County Commissioners agree that upholding the public trust of every hard-working taxpayer is of paramount importance. Your Garfield County Sheriff’s Office strives to serve the public in protecting not only your safety, but also your savings.
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Doctors say they’ll have a better idea today how long to keep Governor Bill Ritter in the hospital with several broken ribs suffered in a bicycle collision. The Governor fractured at least five ribs after colliding with another cyclist during a ride yesterday morning. The Denver Post says Ritter is listed in stable condition at Denver Health Medical Center.
Source: Denver Post (Posted 5:31a)