NEWS: Thursday March 4, 2010

Mar 4th @ 7:30 am in News by Scott Staley

Yesterday the Montrose Police Department awarded 71 people for their involvement in the July 25, 2009 shootings that killed a Sergeant and wounded two officers. Montrose Police Chief Tom Chinn says most officers go through their career without ever shooting their gun, but the thought of using it goes through their mind every time they suit up. Chinn says what happened that fateful night in July will always be on these people’s minds. Officer Abby Leiba was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross for her actions in administering CPR to Kinterknecht following the shooting. Officer Josh Pollert was a given the same award for administering first aid to Ragsdale and Witte. Medals of Valor were given to officers Bernie Chism, Robbie Satterly and Montrose County Sheriff’s Department deputies Matt Taramarcaz and Ben Halsey for their assistance that night. Below is a complete list of those honored:

Medal of Honor and Purple Heart:
Sgt. David Joseph Kinternecht (posthumous)
Officer Rodney Ragsdale
Officer Larry Witte
Medal of Valor:
Sgt. Bernie Chism
Officer Robbie Satterly
Deputy Ben Halsey
Deputy Matt Taramarcaz
Distinguished Service Cross:
Officer Abby Leiba
Officer Josh Pollert
Police Merit Citation (Montrose Memorial Hospital):
Dr. Lou Dwyer
Dr. Andy Gross
Dr. Richard Holmes
Dr. Wendy Lawler
Sara Ballantyne, RN
Aaron Clark, RN
Kathy Davis, RN
Corey Gray, RN
Stephanie Gray, RN
Kerstin Harris, RN
Christine Hollbrook, RN
Sonja Krongard, RN
Maura Leslie, RN
Paula Mclean, RN
Anita Messano, RN
Gabrielle Sinkiewicz, RN
Susan Smith, RN
Linda Byer, CNA
Shannon Carmack, CNA
Nora Duckworth, CNA
Angelica Gonzalez, CNA
John Holer, CNA
Mary Jane Mahan,CNA
Yvonne Viel, CNA
Robin Wheatcraft, CNA
Patti Jo Braden
Jori Briggs
Lynn Carretta
Eloina Corona
Lori Deltondo
Peter Gollogy
Kate Kelly-McCann
Cindy King
Sue Kor
Brenda Mangano
Jenny Melton
Dianne Moore
Loyal Olsen
Ann Scarry
Leann Tobin
Police Merit Citation (Montrose Fire Protection District):
Deputy Fire Chief Tad Rowan
Fire Capt. John Cryer
Fire Capt. Steve Ross
EMT-P Melanie Caton
EMT-1 Perry Reed
EMT-B Cory Carwin
EMT-B Tim Caton
EMT-B Eluterio McClure
EMT-B Jerry Sieverson
Police Merit Citation (Montrose Regional Dispatch):
Communication Officer Cheryl Hill of the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office
Police Official Commendation (Montrose Regional Dispatch):
Communication Officer Trevor Blackman
Communication Officer Chuck Long
Merit Citation (Montrose Police Department):
Montrose Police Victims Advocate Chantelle Bainbridge
Montrose County Sheriff’s Victims Advocate Tawna Caddy
Delta Police Victims Advocate Becky Havens
Montrose Police Lt. Blaine Hall
Montrose Police Sgt. Warren Brown
Montrose Police Sgt. Paul Eller
Montrose Police Sgt. Jake Suppes
Montrose Police Detective Justin Perry
Montrose Police Detective Ted Valerio
Montrose Police Detective Mike Watson
Montrose Police Officer Lenny Abeyta
Montrose Police Officer Trevis Booth
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Road Closure. The Colorado Department of Transportation will be conducting a brief rock fall mitigation project on I-70 in DeBeque Canyon this morning. During the work, all lanes of I-70 between millemarkers 55.2 and 55.8 will be temporarily closed. The mitigation work is a preventative measure following a small rock fall event on Tuesday. The road will be closed between 10:30 and 11:30. Please travel accordingly.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 6:06a)

After a sluggish start to the present ski season Telluride and Mountain Village are beginning to see signs of hope. The Telluride Watch reports that they are on track to jump ahead of last year’s lodging figures.  Base upon current reservations, the six month period from November 2009 to April 2010 is projected to end 8 to 10 per cent ahead of the same period last year.
Source: Telluride Watch (Posted 6:07a)

Proposed regulations for Colorado’s growing medical marijuana industry are up for their first vote at the Capitol today. Supporters are now willing to let dispensaries operate for profit, but they still want to make sure the state can keep tabs on where their pot is coming from.
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