NEWS: Thursday March 11, 2010

Mar 11th @ 7:59 am in News by Scott Staley

Officials closed the ice skating rink at Keystone Lake after a Zamboni broke through the ice. The driver of the ice-grooming machine was not injured Tuesday and the Zamboni appeared to be working after crews fished it out of the hole in the ice. Keystone spokesman Ryan Whaley tells the Denver Post that they decided to close the rink because temperatures will likely be too warm by the time the hole is repaired.
zamboni denver post
(Photo courtesy of Denver Post)
Source: Denver Post (Posted 8:15a)

Tuesday is the precinct caucuses for Democrats and Republicans in Gunnison County. It’s still unknown whether Sheriff Rick Murdie will run for re-election.  The Gunnison Country Times says some believe Murdie will retire and Undersheriff Rick Besecker will seek the position, but neither has made any announcement.  Gunnison County incumbents: county clerk (Stella Dominguez), assessor (Kristy McFarland), coroner (Frank Vader), and treasurer (Melody Marks) are all seeking re-election, with no challengers as of yet. Gunnison County Caucuses begin at 7 o’clock Tuesday. Call the County Elections Office with questions at 641-7927.
Source: Gunnison Country Times (Posted 6:58a)

Yesterday the public was invited to a meeting regarding the new Montrose Association of Commerce and Tourism or Montrose ACT. People are concerned about events such as Main in Motion and parades, as well as funding for this new group. According to the Daily Press, Ken Brengle, the Chief Restructuring Officer on this project says things are still being put into place and each committee and the new board are working together to make things happen. With this new restructuring, MAMA still exists but will no longer obtain funding after March 19th. The Chamber and VCB no longer exist, but their employees are working under Montrose ACT. The public is invited to Monday’s Montrose ACT board meeting at noon at the former Chamber building on Main Street.
Source: Daily Press (Posted 6:57a)

This Saturday (March 13) is Montrose Memorial Hospital’s Annual Health Fair. Blood draws are from 6:30a-11:00a. Prostate exams are from 7:00a-9:00a, and all kinds of free health screenings run until the event is over at noon. Cash and checks are the only forms of payment accepted. Remember if you’re getting your blood drawn to not eat 12 hours prior.  Get all the details at
Source: PSA   (Posted 6:56a)