NEWS: Fri. March 12, 2010

Mar 12th @ 6:06 am in News by Scott Staley

Just as CDOT reopended I-70 in Glenwood Canyon, they had to close U.S. 6 off Interstate 70  for avalanche control. According to NBC 11 News that was prompted by a 20 yr old backcountry snowboarder who died Wednesday in an avalanche near Loveland Pass.  CDOT did not specifically saythe Highway closure was connected to Wednesday’s incident, since snow throughout the backcountry has been unsettled.  Authorities have finally identified the snowboarder who was killed.  He’s Daniel Michel Otti of Spring Grove, Ill….
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 6:03a by Jim Kapp)

Mesa State College has decided to scrap its plans for a body farm, The Daily Sentinel reports since the college has been inundated with questions and concerns from residents, they are discontinuing their plans to place  human corpses several hundred feet from homes in Pear Park. Now it is considering an alternate site to build a forensic anthropology center.  The announcement pleased the  neighbors who were considering to put up  a legal fight against what they viewed as a potential pestilence that could drag down their property values.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 6:05a by Jim Kapp)

A television station investigation found authorities responsible for ensuring the safety of animals in pet care facilities ignored problems at a kennel where authorities found about 100 starving sled dogs. The Daily Press reports that the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s Pet Animal Care Facilities Act program ignored several signs and warnings to an inspector from neighbors about problems at Pawsatrak Racing Sled Dog Kennel near Hartsel, about 70 miles southwest of Denver. Samuel and Diane Walker, operators of the facility  face animal cruelty charges in Park County following their arrest…
Source: Montrose Press (Posted 6:07a by Jim Kapp)