NEWS: Tuesday March 30, 2010

Mar 30th @ 11:07 am in News by Scott Staley

Update of Gunnison Valley Health’s CEO:
It was determined that Randy Phelps, CEO of Gunnison Valley Health did not have a heart attack. Rather, his episode has been labeled primary ventricular fibrillation. He has undergone placement of an internal defibrillator, not a pace maker. Phelps is continuing rest at his resident back in Gunnison County.
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The Montrose County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the county of a burn advisory. There is a high wind advisory in affect until 8 o’clock tonight and there has already been an incident this morning. Again, the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the county to withhold burning for the day due to high winds.
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San Miguel Sheriff’s Office Commander Eric Berg presented a check for $10,275.00 to John and Kimberly Kirkendoll to help reimburse aircraft and operating expenses incurred during their Haiti relief effort flights.  The Kirkendoll aircraft, a Mitsubishi MU-2, was used to haul emergency supplies from the Dominican Republic to a variety of remote airstrips and roads throughout Haiti. Dents observed in the aircraft’s horizontal stabilizer and a hijacked load of relief supplies suggest this was quite the adventure.

San Miguel Sheriff Bill Masters organized the fund raising effort when he had learned that the Kirkendoll’s deployed to Haiti after the earthquake struck on January 12th.  John Kirkendoll is a long time Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy and Search and Rescue volunteer.

Donations poured in from various sources inside and outside of San Miguel County.  On the subject Kimberly stated, “You have no idea the strength we gained from learning that the Telluride community and our friends were there for us and for the people of Haiti.”  Of particular note is the $1600.00 donation raised primarily by the 2nd grade elementary students and the freshman students of the Norwood Public School District.
Kirkendoll Haiti Photo'
(Photo courtesy of San Miguel Sheriff’s Office)
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San Miguel County’s Jennifer Dinsmore, has been named West Region Emergency Manager of the Year for 2009 by the All Hazard Emergency Management Division of the Colorado Emergency Manager’s Association. Dinsmore holds two titles with San Miguel County: Chief Administrative Officer and the Emergency Manager.
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Grand Junction and Clifton fire crews responded to a structure fire in the 400 block of 30 1/4 Road this morning. KJCT reports that the home was empty at the time of the fire.  The home appears to be a total loss.
Source: KJCT (Posted 11:06a)