Apr 1st @ 6:10 pm in News by Scott Staley

Eight months removed from his surprise resignation from the Grand Junction Police Department, former police chief Bill Gardner is in the running for the same job in Montana. The executive assistant to the city manager of Bozeman, Mont. Revealed to the Daily Sentinel that Gardner is being considered among 2 other candidates to be the next city’s permanent police chief.  When Gardner arrives in town he will participate in a public forum to answer questions from local residents….
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 6:03p by Jim Kapp)

State lawmakers are considering selling ads to pay for repairs to the Colorado capitol. NBC 11 News has learned that a bill was presented earlier today to the Capitol Development Committee that would allow a non profit preservation group to sell space on curtains surrounding repair work on the capitol’s gilded dome.  Contributors would be allowed to use project logos to advertise their participation.  The initial repairs are expected to cost about $13 million…
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 6:05p by Jim Kapp)