NEWS: Thursday April 1, 2010

Apr 1st @ 10:17 am in News by Scott Staley

A woman wanted by Grand Junction police in connection with a stabbing last week was arrested last night in Montrose. According to the Daily Sentinel, Crystal Reinbold was booked into Mesa County Jail after being arrested by Montrose County Sheriff’s Deputies. She is wanted on suspicion of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon in connection with the March 25 stabbing of 24-year-old Katy Slawson at a park on Orchard Mesa.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 11:10a)

A lengthy investigation led to the arrests of some common name people in Gunnison County. The Gunnison Country Times says husband and wife Joseph Stromayer (former county inmate) and Tawnya Sponable-Stromayer (former Gunnison County jailer) along with acquaintances Brandon Cockerall and Jeremy Peeples are accused of burglarizing the home of wealthy Texas oilman “Tex” Moncrief last November. The four are each charged with second-degree burglary and theft. Stromayer and Sponable-Stromayer are also charged with theft by receiving. Stroymayer is also charged with possession of a weapon by a previous offender, violation of bail bond conditions, violation of a protection order, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Cockerall and Peeples are also each charged with possession of a weapon by a previous offender. Sponable-Stromayer’s mother is a caretaker at the ranch.  The married couple is also involved in a scandal at the County Jail.
Source: Gunnison Country Times (Posted 11:09a)

For 30 years, local seniors have been able to count on a ride to just about anyplace. Now, All Points Transit is counting on you. With a fleet of vans and a mandate to provide transportation for citizens age 60 and over, All Points Transit fulfills a vital role in the Montrose Community—but funds are needed to continue that mission. The organization hopes to make this April one to remember by raising $30,000 in 30 days.

“The idea is that for 30 years we have been taking people where they need to go,” said All Points Transit board member Peter Crowell. “It costs us around $30 for each round trip.”

Although riders are asked to contribute, donations do not come close to covering the actual cost of service, Crowell said.

“We ask seniors for a donation of $1.50 per ride, or $3.00 per round trip,” Crowell said. “In fact, the average contribution per ride is considerably less than one dollar. We would like to see more funding come from the community in a voluntary way, and more from the City of Montrose and Montrose County, which currently provide less than five percent of our operating budget.

“The point is, if you give us $30, it will take grandma to the doctor, it will help keep a senior citizen independent.”

The 30-30-30 Campaign will continue throughout April. To make a donation, contact All Points Transit at 970-249-8865 or write to them at P. O. Box 1416, Montrose, CO 81402. There’s also a website:

Senior transportation with All Points Transit is federally funded, and contracted through the Area Agency on Aging (AAA), a division of Region 10. AAA is dedicated to developing a network of services for adults age 60 and over to assist them in maintaining their independence within their communities. To learn more about AAA programs and services, call Michele Gad or Lee Bartlett at 970-249-2436.
Source: PSA   (Posted 10:17a)