NEWS: Wednesday April 21, 2010

Apr 21st @ 6:05 am in News by Scott Staley

The current Ridgway Town Manager will become the new Telluride Town Manager come June 2nd. The Watch writes that Greg Clifton was selected out of 60 original applicants for the position, made available when Town Manager Frank Bell accepted a position in California. Clifton has been Ridgway Town Manager since 2001 and before that he was the Montrose City Attorney.
Source: The Watch (Posted 6:04a)

A Clifton resident reported missing last week was found deceased. NBC 11 News writes that a Sean Houck was found on the west side of Corn Lake State Park Saturday afternoon.  The Mesa County Coroner says the 40-year-old man died of self-inflicted wounds. While the coroner’s office has yet to confirm the identity of the man, they have confirmed it was that of a missing man, however an obituary for Houck has been printed in local newspapers.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 6:04a)

The missing Montrose man, Crist Stringfellow was located and is safe. The Daily Press says he thought he was off work last Monday and decided to do some light traveling. He was reported missing when he didn’t show up to work that day. He was found in the Trinidad area.
Source: Daily Press (Posted 6:03a)

Gateway Canyons Resort got the go-ahead last week from Mesa County to expand. According to the Daily Sentinel, the resort intends on adding 416 acres featuring 340 homes and nearly 250,000 square feet of commercial space.  Resort owner John Hendricks is the founder of the Discovery Channel and opened Gateway Canyons Resort in 2005. This new expansion would triple the current size. The resort is located off of Highway 141.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 6:02a)

Representative Betsy Markey says she wouldn’t have voted for the federal health care overhaul if it included special state deals, like a Medicaid financing deal for Nebraska that was removed. KJCT says the Colorado Democrat held a town hall by phone Tuesday to discuss the law. She opposed an earlier version of the health care bill. In response to a caller, she said the version she supported does a better job of taking care of small business owners and reducing health care costs by allowing people to enter pools that could negotiate lower premiums. She says constituents who called or wrote to her were about evenly split on the bill.
Source: KJCT/AP   (Posted 6:01p)