NEWS: Thursday April 29, 2010

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A big change in the way teachers and principals are evaluated is up for a vote in the Colorado Senate. According to KJCT, senators are scheduled to debate and take an initial vote on the issue Thursday. Currently, teachers can earn tenure after three years in the classroom but a bipartisan proposal would change that. Only teachers who have improved student performance for three straight years would be able to earn job protections. Teachers already tenured could lose that status if their students fail to show progress for two straight years. Principals would be judged based on both how their students and teachers are doing. They would have to evaluate their teachers every year. Currently, tenured teachers only have to be evaluated every three years. The measure is Senate Bill 191.
Source: KJCT/AP   (Posted 10:33a)

Today at noon, Governor Ritter will sign the Fiscal Year 2010-11 state budget – House Bill 1376, also known as the Long Bill – into law. During the recession, Ritter and lawmakers have taken a balanced approach to keeping the budget balanced by cutting costs, reducing spending and closing shortfalls of roughly $3.5 billion.
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A Colorado sheriff’s deputy who resigned after allegations he used a stun gun on high school students during a job fair now faces child abuse charges. The Denver Post says Lake County prosecutors filed 11 misdemeanor charges of child abuse and nine counts of reckless endangerment yesterday against Deputy John Ortega. Lake County Sheriff Ed Holte says Ortega “foolishly agreed” to use the stun gun on the students earlier this month after they insisted they wanted to know what it felt like to be shocked. He faces up to more than 27 years in jail if convicted of all charges.
Source: Denver Post (Posted 9:38a)

The annual Gunnison Sate of the River meeting is set for Monday May 3rd and anyone is invited to attend. Streamflow conditions, reservoir operations, and an exploration of the critical decisions concerning the Colorado River will be discussed during this 7 o’clock meeting which follows the regularly scheduled Gunnison Basin Roundtable meeting.  Both meetings are being held at the Holiday Inn Express in Montrose.
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