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May 6th @ 9:37 am in News by Scott Staley

Tomorrow the state will recognize 13 lawmen that have died in the line of duty including former Montrose resident Morris Dolan, and David Kinterknecht. Kinterknecht is the only recent death being honored tomorrow, and the only Colorado police officer death in 2009 after being gunned down by a suicidal man last July. The Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial ceremony begins at 10:00am tomorrow at the Colorado State Patrol Academy in Golden. The two officers injured in last summer’s shootout, Rod Ragsdale and Larry Witte, will present a wreath just before a moment of silence is held. The Montrose Honor Guard, will post the colors, and also perform a 21-gun salute.

Below is a list of the officers being recognized during tomorrow’s ceremony:

Feb. 16, 1888: Bill Thompson, Las Animas County sheriff’s deputy. Thompson was shot trying to serve a warrant on notorious outlaw gang leader Jack White, who headed a group called the “Band of Thirteen.”

Aug. 9, 1901: E.T. Clark, 35, Cripple Creek police officer. Clark pulled a fire alarm on a town street but was electrocuted when he touched a cable that had been crossed by some live wires.

Oct. 19, 1905: Francisco Garcia, Las Animas County sheriff’s deputy. Garcia had tracked down a fugitive killer on a ranch south of Trinchera, but the murderer shot him to death outside the ranch’s dining room.

April 6, 1908: Antonio T. Shelby, 42, Las Animas County sheriff’s deputy. Shelby was shot after he confronted a father for mistreating his 10-year-old son.

July 3, 1920:
Harvey Calvin Neese, Cripple Creek police night marshal. Neese was shot to death as he tried to arrest a man who was intoxicated and had threatened to shoot up the town.

Feb. 14, 1938: Jacob G. Benner, 28, Denver Police Department. Benner was injured when he jumped on a table during a gambling raid and died from complications stemming from the injury about three months later.

May 15, 1938: Fidel Aguirre, Huerfano County sheriff’s deputy. Aguirre was beaten to death outside a dance hall in Gardner, where he was working security as an extra-duty assignment that paid $2.75.

Aug. 23, 1940: Morris Dolan, 30, Cripple Creek police and fire chief. Dolan died in an arson fire set by one of his firefighters, who later was convicted of second-degree murder.

April 6, 1977: Dean L. McLaughlin, 62, special agent for Union Pacific Railroad police. McLaughlin was shot to death in his car by another UP employee who was upset over a bad performance evaluation.

July 9, 1977: Larry E. Boles, 28, special agent for Union Pacific Railroad police. Boles was shot and beaten when he interrupted a burglary in progress at a boxcar in the Union Pacific rail yard.

Sept. 4, 2002:
James Olterman, 57, wildlife manager for Colorado Division of Wildlife. Olterman, whose duties included enforcement, died in a plane crash while he was on an aerial fish-stocking mission.
olterman photo

Nov. 8, 2005: Greg R. Boss, 35, special agent for U.S. Postal Service. Boss was working two investigations and driving his official vehicle when a road-rage incident resulted in his death.

July 25, 2009: David J. Kinterknecht, 41, Montrose Police Department. Kinterknecht responded to a domestic-violence call where a man began shooting, killing Kinterknecht and injuring two other officers before killing himself.
Dave Kinterknecht

Other Montrose residents (already) on the list:

January 23, 2001: Jason Manspeaker, 25, Colorado State Patrol. Manspeaker was killed in a vehicle accident while responding to investigate the sighting of a van suspected of being used during the murder of Irving, Texas, Police Officer Aubrey Hawkins.
manspeaker photo

April 25, 1983: Larry McMaster, 37, Montrose Police Officer.  McMaster succumbed to a gunshot wound received two days earlier while responding to a disturbance at a local bar.
mcmaster photo
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