NEWS: Thursday May 6, 2010

May 6th @ 6:03 am in News by Scott Staley

Bowie Resources sent a press release to the Delta County Independent last week announcing a reduction in staff effective immediately. Below is an excerpt of the press release:

“Due to current economic conditions and a change in the mining plan requiring additional development in a new area, Bowie Resources LLC has reduced its workforce by 22 employees effective April 30. This reduction will help the company remain competitive by creating a leaner and more cost-effective operation with the company’s 264 remaining employees. Bowie Resources LLC remains committed to the North Fork Valley and the safe production of low-cost energy for it’s customers.”
Source: Delta County Independent (Posted 5:57a)

Montrose Recreation and the Montrose Fire Protection districts held their board elections Tuesday. The Daily Press says five new members were elected to the seven-member Montrose Recreation District board and three members were elected to the five-member Fire Protection District board. Both elections were held at the Montrose Recreation District Community Center.
Montrose Recreation District Board electees:
–Robert Cooling (two-year term)
–Jason Wey (two-year term)
–Kevin Davis (four-year term)
–Matt Miles (four-year term)
–Urban Walker (four-year term)
These members will be sworn in  during the district’s next board meeting at 12:00pm, Thursdayu May 27 at 25 Colorado Ave. in Montrose.

Montrose Fire Protection District electees:
–Peter Cassidy (returning member)
–Paul McDermott (returning member)
–Cody Russel
Source: Daily Press (Posted 6:02a)

Search to resume today. At approximately 3:53 p.m., Wednesday afternoon, May 5, 2010, the Garfield County Emergency Communication Center received a call of a person spotted in the Colorado Rive just east of the No Name Rest Area.

A citizen reported to emergency authorities that she saw what she believed to be a person floating in the river. Garfield County Sheriff’s deputies and the Glenwood Springs Fire Department immediately responded and requested the support of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue.

For the safety of all involved rescuers called-off the search at dark, but plan to return tomorrow.  The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office will continue to work through the night gathering information that will help with the continued search.

Sheriff’s Deputies are asking citizens who have any information about any abandoned/unmanned vessels or anything along that stretch of the Colorado river that seems suspicious to contact the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office at 970-945-0453.

Resources involved: Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, Glenwood Springs Fire Department, Glenwood Springs Police Department, Union Pacific Rail Road and Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue volunteers.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 5:56a)

Colorado’s Republican attorney general called Arizona’s new immigration law “problematic” and says he doesn’t believe it will hold up against court challenges. According to the Longmont Times-Call, John Suthers told Boulder County Republicans during a breakfast meeting Wednesday that courts will conclude that “states cannot criminalize immigration status.” Suthers says he thinks there’s a growing frustration with the federal government and its enforcement of immigration laws but that Colorado should wait before trying to copy Arizona. Arizona’s law is expected to go into effect this summer. It makes it a crime to be in the country illegally and requires law enforcement to ask people about their immigration status if there’s reason to suspect they’re in the country illegally.
Source: Times-Call   (Posted 5:54a)

Congressman Jared Polis (D-Boulder) has landed a seat on the House Judiciary Committee just in time to help shape immigration reform legislation that may move this year. The Boulder freshman has worked hard to place himself as a player in the immigration debate, no small stretch for non-Hispanic lawmaker whose district is nowhere near the border. He’s given more than a dozen floor speeches on the issue and was an early co-sponsor last year of a sweeping reform bill known as “C.I.R. A.S.A.P.” – an acronym designed to suggest the urgent need for comprehensive immigration reform.

His persistence finally paid off this week. After asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the assignment, she gave it to him Wednesday, putting him on the key panel that would normally shepherd immigration reform through the House. (A fast-track effort could potentially circumvent that process this year, but Judiciary Committee members would still likely have an outsized voice in the process.)

“Replacing our broken immigration system with one that works is one of my top priorities,” said Polis Thursday, following the appointment’s annoucement.

“This country should not have millions of people living and working here illegally; we must have a functional system that restores the rule of law and allows no illegal immigration. Being on the Judiciary Committee will allow me to bring Congress together to live up to our responsibility to address this important issue.”
Source: Press Release    (Posted 5:52a)