NEWS: Thursday June 3, 2010

Jun 3rd @ 9:19 am in News by Scott Staley

A former Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant pleaded guilty to second degree official misconduct and will serve one year supervised probation, 48 hours of community service, and pay court costs. The Gunnison Country Times says Melissa Rogers was involved in a multi-person investigation regarding several incidents at the County Jail. Former Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office Captain Michelle Zadra was offered the plea deal and turned it down. She faced a trial and was convicted of 11 counts, including felonies for listening to telephone conversations between a former inmate and his lawyer, and then lying about it. Zadra is to appear in court for sentencing June 9th.
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Source: Gunnison Country Times (Posted 10:41a)

The fact that tax dollars need to go into fixing destroyed BLM property means some projects are being set back due to lack of funding. NBC 11 News says in Mesa County alone the bill to fix damaged property is $10,000, something they don’t have the money for, so tax money will be used to repair damages instead of trail repairs and maintenance.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 10:42a)

The White House is rejecting claims that it offered a job to a Colorado Democrat if he would drop out of a Senate race against a candidate favored by President Barack Obama.  According to KJCT, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says Andrew Romanoff applied for a job in international development during the transition period before Obama took office. Gibbs says Romanoff was asked in September if he was still interested in the job. When Romanoff told the White House he was committed to the Senate run, “that ended the discussion,” Gibbs says. Obama had already endorsed Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet. Republicans have accused the White House of trying to manipulate elections by offering administration jobs to politicians running against its preferred candidates.
Source: KJCT/AP   (Posted 9:18a)