NEWS: Friday June 11, 2010

Jun 11th @ 6:55 am in News by Scott Staley

Some medical marijuana shops are closing down on their own saying the new state regulations make it difficult to operate, however Mesa County is looking at completely banning dispensaries altogether.  KREX says that County Commissioners say they are in favor of Governor Ritter’s new guidelines, but would like to add to November’s ballot a measure that would ban pot shops throughout the entire county. Mesa County Commissioners will have to file an intent by the middle of next month if they want the issue to be on the ballot.
Source: KREX (Posted 6:55a)

Last night, Montrose County held their second of four Town Hall meetings to hear concerns from the public. This meeting was held in Montrose and most talks centered around JetAway, Proposition 101, Amendment 60 and 61, and the county fair parade. The purpose of these meetings is for citizens of Montrose County to share information, concerns, and/or questions with County leadership. The next County Town Hall Meeting will be in Naturita August 26th.
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Montrose has made a top 200 list as the number 40 town for outdoorsmen. The list, complied annually by Outdoor Life Magazine, is based on many factors.  According to the Daily Press, 60% of a town’s score comes from the gun-friendliness of its state, species that can be hunted or fished, proximity to public land and waters, and the potential for taking a trophy-caliber animal or fish. The other 40% is based on things like population, cost of living, and unemployment rate. Montrose tied with Butte, Montana, but moved up 6 spots from last year.  Rapid City, South Dakota is the number one town for outdoorsmen for 2010.
Source: Daily Press
Source: Outdoor Life Magazine
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