NEWS: Thur. June 17, 2010

Jun 17th @ 3:53 pm in News by Scott Staley

A family in Grand Junction evacuated their home after a house fire took over. KJCT reports that the fire took place on F ¾ and 30 ½ Roads at about midnight last night.  The flames were helped by the windy conditions yesterday and the house became a total loss.  Clifton and Grand Junction Fire Dept. spent about an hour or so trying to put out the blaze.  There were no injuries in the fire…
Source: KJCT (Posted 3:50p by Jim Kapp)

The Norwood Town Board of Trustees approved the final amendments to the Norwood Land Use Code as they gave a unanimous vote on those new codes. According to the Norwood Post, the board spent a good part of the meeting reviewing the last two amendments to the Norwood Land Use Code as well as parking regulation and RV park standards.    The board also unanimously approved a new business license fee of $25  a year per business….
Source: Norwood Post (Posted 3:51p by Jim Kapp)