NEWS: Monday June 21, 2010

Jun 21st @ 12:46 pm in News by Scott Staley

Drivers take notice: Although it’s summertime, school zones across the Grand Valley remain active to help kids get to and from summer school safely.  This is the first time the City and School District 51 have partnered during the summer to keep the flashing lights on in school zones and the Grand Junction Police Department will be on the lookout for school zone speeders.

The Summer Extended Learning program runs through July 15, and during that time kids will be walking to and from their schools, and buses will be shuttling students throughout the City.  The flashing school zone lights will be operating at various times during the day, so drivers need to pay particular attention to the posted speed limits in those zones.  With your help the Grand Junction Police Department hopes to reinforce a safe learning environment for students during their summer learning programs.

School Zone Fines:
-Speeding 5 to 9 miles per hour over the speed limit in an active school zone is a $125 fine and one point from your license.
-Speeding 10 to 19 per hour over the speed limit in an active school zone is a $150 fine and four points from your license.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 12:52p)

The Goshorn fire, located about 9 miles south of Norwood, started by lightning, has experienced very little to no fire activity throughout the weekend. As of late Friday evening the fire had burned to the desired perimeter boundary to promote wildlife and range habitat.   Firefighters have continued to maintain that boundary.  The fire remains at 271 acres in size based on the most current mapping.

A Red Flag Warning was issued for the weekend by the National Weather Service and fire resources continued to staff the fire to manage internal burning and maintain the fireline perimeter.  Late Saturday, one engine and its crew were released back to their station in Montrose and the fire continued to be managed by MIFMU resources in Norwood.

The Weather Service has issued another Red Flag Warning for today for the area and the engines and staff assigned to the fire will continue to manage any fire activity during the “active burning window,” although no significant fire activity is anticipated on the Goshorn Fire.  Fire officials stated that the area has not received any additional lightening activity over the past three days.  At this time, no further updates on the Goshorn Fire are anticipated.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 12:47p)

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) selected Cori Andreatta, Program Specialist at Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE), to participate in its 2010 Executive Energy Leadership Program along with 19 other representatives throughout the United States.  NREL’s Energy Executives Leadership Program (“Energy Execs”) is a premier leadership program focused on educating business, community and government leaders about clean energy solutions.

“4CORE’s recent role facilitating southwest Colorado’s resource and energy action plan makes this a timely benefit for both Cori and our community,” said Aileen Tracy, director of 4CORE. “We are very pleased and proud that Cori was selected for this well-deserved opportunity.”

Energy Execs is a five month program enabling “energy ambassadors” and executive decision-makers throughout the United States a comprehensive study of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency technologies. Monthly technology education sessions are held covering topics such as renewable utility applications, biofuels, transportation and energy efficient building applications.  Emphasis is on future energy markets and analysis tools for renewable energy and energy efficiency applications. Briefings by NREL technology experts, research laboratory tours, and visits to field applications are part of the classroom experience. The program is geared toward executives with the ability to influence energy strategies in their organization or community. At the conclusion of the program, participants present a viable project appropriate to their organization.

“Energy Execs serve as energy ambassadors and help guide communities with their future energy decisions and stewardship. Cori and the 4CORE organization will be facilitating energy strategies in southwest Colorado,” said Angie Fyfe, Colorado Governor’s Energy Office Program Manager. “NREL’s program is a perfect fit and perfectly timed opportunity.”

Cori Andreatta joined the 4CORE team in April 2009 to promote renewable energy and efficiency across southwest Colorado’s five-county region. She has a degree in Computer Information Systems from Fort Lewis College.

4CORE facilitates resource and energy action plans, manages the Weatherization Assistance Program, and provides education, seminars, and trainings on sustainable practices in Southwest Colorado.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 12:53a)