NEWS: Tuesday June 22, 2010

Jun 22nd @ 7:53 am in News by Scott Staley

TRAFFIC UPDATE:: US 50 closed intermittently west of Canon City due to wildfire. Pilot cars are in use, expect delays.
Source: CDOT (Posted 6:29a)

A case of a woman who fell to her death has been closed, with her manner of death found to be undetermined. Dannah Foster was camping with her husband and a group of friends in Rabbit Valley in April when she consumed an enormous amount of alcohol and fell to her death 140 feet below.  The Daily Sentinel writes that the Mesa County Coroner found an abrasion with a tread pattern that resembled a shoe worn by her husband on her upper right abdomen. After extensive investigation and interrogation, the case was closed and no arrests were made. Authorities say they cannot determine when or how that shoe mark was made.
Source: Daily Sentinel   (Posted 6:54a)

We could be in the eye of the storm right now, but rougher waters are ahead for the next year or two. That’s the message tucked into revenue projections for the state released Monday. They show that Colorado will be able to pay all its bills for the fiscal year ending next week, but the next 24 months are clouded with far more uncertainty. Governor Ritter may need to present a plan to close a budget hole between 75 and 320 million dollars for the upcoming 2010-2011 budget. Natalie Mullis is an economist with the nonpartisan Colorado Legislative Council and she says Coloradans should expect to see services reduced.  Adding to the uncertainty, that same budget also includes over 200 million dollars in funding from the federal government for Medicaid and other programs which remains stalled in the Senate. But Mullis says the darkest cloud on the horizon is a seemingly unavoidable projected revenue shortfall for the 2011-2012 budget, which could be as much as a billion dollars.
Source: Colorado News Connection   (Posted 6:54a)

Tomorrow Bob McConnell will be holding two Meet & Greets in Montrose. The first one at 1:30p at the Cobble Creek Clubhouse and the second one, at 7:00pm at 18900 66.50 Road.  Both events are free and open to the public. McConnell is running against Scott Tipton in August for a spot on the 3rd Congressional District ticket.
Source: PSA   (Posted 6:53a)

Gubernatorial candidates John Hickenlooper and Scott McInnis are defending their energy agendas. The Denver Post says the two men are outlining their views to industry leaders at the Denver Petroleum Club meeting today. McInnis, a Republican, comes from the Western Slope and has criticized Democratic Governor Ritter for new oil and gas rules the industry has criticized as the strictest in the country. Hickenlooper, a Democrat, is a former geologist. A spokesperson stood in for McInnis at the Colorado Renewable Energy Society Conference during a forum against Hickenlooper in Montrose last weekend.
Source: Denver Post (Posted 6:53a)