NEWS: Wednesday June 23, 2010

Jun 23rd @ 5:34 pm in News by Scott Staley

Today the Garfield County Coroner announced that the body pulled from the Colorado River last Friday, June 18, 2010, near Parachute was that of Taylor Chisholm, 20, of Covington, Louisiana. Last Friday at approximately 12:20 p.m., a concerned citizen called Dispatch to report what he believed to be someone floating downriver near Rulison. Emergency responders from several agencies converged on the area between Rulison and Parachute, eventually pulling the body out of the water near the Parachute Bridge (N. Battlement Parkway/County Road 301).

On June 2, 2010, Taylor Chisholm fell into the river near the No Name area (Interstate 70 mile marker 119) while attempting to cross with two other people in a cable basket via pulley system. The high river runoff contacted the bottom of the basket, tipped it and drug Taylor into the fast-moving current. None of the occupants were wearing personal floatation devices.

Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue spent two days searching the river for any sign of him. Due to the dangerous river conditions, the search was indefinitely suspended after the second day.
Source: Press Release   (Posted 6:10p)

No word yet on how the fire started near the Royal Gorge Park over the weekend, but investigators tell the Denver Post that the Royal Gorge Railroad is fully cooperating with investigation. A priority on the 700 acre blaze is restoring power to homes who are without. The fire is 15 percent contained and the estimated cost right now is $325,000. Multpile structures have been destroyed as a result of the fire.
Source: Denver Post (Posted 5:36p)

Last night the Montrose County RE-1J School Board approved the resignation of Assistant Superintendent Gordon Gibson. Gibson will partake in the para-110 program where he puts in for his resignation now, but officially retires in one year. By his retirement next year, Gibson will have put in 10 years as Assistant Superintendent for Montrose County RE-1J schools. Prior to becoming the Assistant Superintendent, Gibson was the principal at Pamona Elementary School since 1994. He began his teaching career in Telluride in 1971.
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A judge has ordered anti-tax activist Douglas Bruce to show why he shouldn’t be held in contempt of court for ignoring a subpoena. Denver District Court Judge Brian Whitney ruled today that there is evidence that Bruce flouted the law and he ordered Bruce to show up July 26 for a hearing. The Daily Sentinel says it will now be up to the clerk of the court to find Bruce and serve him with the new orders. Authorities said they tried 30 times before and couldn’t find him. State officials wanted Bruce to testify in an administrative case looking into who’s financing three measures on the November state ballot. The initiatives would limit the ability of local and state governments to borrow and spend money.
Source: Daily Sentinel/AP   (Posted 5:33p)