NEWS: Monday June 28, 2010

Jun 28th @ 11:48 am in News by Scott Staley

The moon rock that long decorated former Governor John Vanderhoof’s office at his home in Grand Junction is headed to the Colorado School of Mines in Golden. The Daily Sentinel says the school will essentially “own” the rock, but it’ll probably travel around the state. Vanderhoof received the rock as governor in 1974 and thought it was okay for him to hang on to it. A search for the rock was underway earlier this month. The moon rock will be displayed in a new museum at The School of Mines.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 12:33p)

Extra police force is being used during the Hells Angel’s Bike Rally that will descend into Gunnison July 27-August 1st. According to Crested Butte News, the biker group said they were bored when they came to town in 2002 because it was too cold, there weren’t any strip clubs, or casinos and there wasn’t much for them to do. Police are surprised the 500+ bikers are coming back but the Gunnison hotel rooms are filling fast.
Source: Crested Butte News (Posted 11:50a)

Ken Buck held a Meet & Greet in Delta over the weekend. The Weld County DA spoke on spending, the 10th Amendment, and energy, among other things. Buck is running against Former Lt. Governor Jane Norton this August for a seat on the US. Senate. He also appeared at a Tea Party Rally in Grand Junction over the weekend.  Norton will be back in Montrose this Friday. The event will take place from 9:30-10:30 in the garden at the Coffee Trader. The public is invited.
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From 6-9 tonight, County Commissioner Gary Ellis is holding an Open House at Damiano’s on Main in Montrose. The $50 tickets are available at and include hors d’ oeuvres. Ellis is running for re-election against Glen Davis in August.
Source: PSA   (Posted 11:48a)