NEWS: Thur. July 15, 2010

Jul 15th @ 3:55 pm in News by Scott Staley

Secretary of State Bernie Buescher released a statement today saying he won’t respond to hypothetical questions about candidates dropping out of the Aug. 10 primary. The Daily Sentinel published his statement in which he says that his office has fielded many calls asking for answers to hypothetical questions related to whether a candidate may be replaced in a contested primary.  Buescher is quoted as saying at this point, no decision will be given to speculation that may impact a current and actual contest.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 3:52p by Jim Kapp)

Businesses and homeowners in Delta are looking for help to remove graffiti from their property. The city has given them 3 days to improve their property’s appearance.  According to the Delta County Independent, many owners feel it’s not their fault graffiti is on their property but City Manager Joe Kerby, although sympathizes with their plight, feels if nobody cleans up the graffiti matters will just get worse.   A recent survey of graffiti within in the city revealed 64 separate incidents, some of which have already been removed while others have cropped up.
Source: Delta County Independent (Posted 5:26p by Jim Kapp)

Today is the first day of a new task force aimed at rounding up fugitives. Law enforcement agencies across the Western Slope are hoping to put over 17 thousand fugitives behind bars. KJCT explains this new plan is hoping to get at least 13 counties from New Mexico to Wyoming border to cooperate and pool their resources to kick off this new coordinated effort to bring fugitives to justice….
Source: KJCT (Posted 5:28p by Jim Kapp)

A trial is under way for a former Aspen police officer charged with placing a video camera in a shower used by his teenage stepdaughter. The Daily Sentinel reports that Joe Holman is charged with attempted sexual exploitation of a child and attempted criminal invasion of privacy.  He resigned his post after allegations were made public.  Holman is also charged with tampering with evidence. His lawyer has acknowledged Holman destroyed the camera after the girl found it.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 5:31p by Jim Kapp)