NEWS: Fri. July 30, 2010

Jul 30th @ 7:22 am in News by Scott Staley

More and more democrats are beginning to distance themselves from Congressman Charlie Rangel as his legal problems continue to unfold. The Daily Sentinel explains this morning that U.S. Rep. John Salazar of Colorado will take that $4000 that was contributed to his election campaign by Rangel and donate it to charity.  On Thursday Rangel was accused by investigators of 13 congressional ethics violations.  One of the charities that will benefit from this contribution are the Boys & Girls Clubs throughout the 3rd Congressional District which covers most of the Western Slope and Southern Colorado….
Source: Daily Sentinel  (Posted 7:20a by Jim Kapp)

Two Mesa County leaders are throwing their support behind GOP congressional candidate Scott Tipton as the race to the primary heats up. NBC 11 News has learned that Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey and County Commissioner Janet Rowland both announced their endorsement of Tipton yesterday.  Tipton is seeking to win the August 10 primary against Bob McConnell.  The winner will take on democratic Congressman John Salazar who is seeking re-election in the 3rd Congressional District.
Source: NBC 11 News  (Posted 7:22a by Jim Kapp)

The U.S. Forest Service has announced that those driving on the Trickel Park Road on the Grand Mesa National Forest may experience daytime road delays between now and August 20th as crews work on a road rehabilitation/paving project.  The public should expect delays of up to 30 minutes during the day.  The road should be re-opened and passable for 2 way traffic during the eve. Hours and on weekends.  All work should be completed in time for “Color Sunday” slated for late Sept.
Source: News Release  (Posted 8:06a by Jim Kapp)