NEWS: TUES. AUG. 17, 2010

Aug 17th @ 5:08 pm in News by Scott Staley

When Club 20 hosts political debates next month, they might not include U.S. Rep. John Salazar, D-Colo., who has yet to confirm whether he will participate.  The Daily Sentinel reports that while Salazar is seeking his 4th term representing most of Club 20’s Western Slope territory, as well as much of Southern Colorado he’s been undecided whether he’ll participate in a debate with his opponent Scott Tipton.  The main sticking point is the question and answer format that Salazar is unsure about.  Tipton is making a second run at unseating Salazar, having been defeated by him in 2006….
Source:  Daily Sentinel  (Posted 4:55p by Jim Kapp)

Colorado Republican lawmakers say they want to introduce legislation similar to Arizona’s strict immigration law and they’re getting pointers from legislators in Phoenix.  NBC 11 News has learned that Colorado is the latest state to send a delegation of lawmakers to Arizona to talk about adopting a law similar to theirs.  11 Members of Colorado’s Republican Study Committee are expected to meet with Arizona legislators to get advice on the immigration law and how Arizona is defending it in court….
Source:  NBC 11 News  (Posted 4:57p by Jim Kapp)

The Secretary of Agriculture announced the selection of Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Projects on August 13, 2010.  The Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests (GMUG) were one of the projects selected, based on the recommendation of a 15-member Advisory Committee.  One of ten projects selected nationally, the Uncompahgre Plateau Project will receive $446,000 this year and $9.6 million (total) over the next 10 years to fund a comprehensive effort to treat 160,000 acres of land.  The intent of the project is to enhance the resilience, diversity and productivity of the Uncompahgre Plateau landscape.
Source:  Press Release  (Posted 4:58p by Jim Kapp)