NEWS: Thur. Aug. 19, 2010

Aug 19th @ 5:27 pm in News by Scott Staley

Less than a week after he nearly died in the line of duty, a Grand Junction Police K-9 is back on the job. NBC  11 News is happy to report that police K 9 Oldo is showing he still has old spark and vigor back.  Last week while responding to a burglarly call in Fruita Oldo went after an armed suspect.  While the two struggled, the suspect, Richard Steib, tried to hold Oldo under water.  Officers came to Oldo’s rescue and arrest Steib.  Yesterday, things were a light brighter for the K-9.  He was training again and getting his first taste of action since that fateful day…..
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 5:16p by Jim Kapp)

U.S. District Judge Philip Brimmer is expected to  hear motions in the criminal case against the owner of failed Valley Investments, including a motion to conduct the trial in Grand Junction. The Daily Sentinel reports that prosecutors are seeking to have the trial conducted in Grand Junction because of the proximity to investors, most of whom live in the western slope and who lost about $30 million when the company collapsed last year.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 5:22p by Jim Kapp)

Mesa County has two confirmed cases of West Nile Virus and health officials say residents need to be vigilant about protecting themselves from the disease. NBC 11 News explains that according to the Mesa County Health Dept. two men have been diagnosed with West Nile Virus Fever.  Last year the Health Dept. says the first case of West Nile wasn’t confirmed until mid Sept.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 5:25p by Jim Kapp)

Homelessness is not only a  serious problem in big cities but affects small towns too. The Watch explains that here in the Montrose area homelessness is an issue  and it’s getting worse.Katie Donahue, youth program coordinator for Hilltop Tri-County Resources, said the Montrose School District has around 89 families who said they were homeless when registering children for school.  Homeless people in Montrose are not transients, but rather  residents who have fallen on hard times because of loss of jobs…
Source: The Watch (Posted 5:25p by Jim Kapp)