NEWS: Friday August 20, 2010

Aug 20th @ 5:50 am in News by Scott Staley

Power was out in the Crawford area for nearly an hour and a half yesterday evening. DMEA says that lightning blew a substation fuse knocking out power in what appears to be three separate incidences around the area. Over 1,000 DMEA Crawford-area customers were without power until about 7:00pm last night.
Source: DMEA    (Posted 5:45a)

The owners of the Grand Junction Motor Speedway where a 9-year-old was killed last weekend say it was a freak accident and that it’s the first of its kind at the track. Taybor Duncan died on impact after her go-cart crashed into a maintenance ATV that cut in front of her during a race. According to NBC 11 News, the ATV driver said he couldn’t see her because she was behind a hay bale, and thought the coast was clear. Duncan was traveling at about 45mph at the time of the crash. For being 9, she was an experienced racer. The track is looking at ways to improve communication and safety at the track.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 5:46a)

Homelessness is not only a serious problem in big cities but affects small towns too. The Watch explains that here in the Montrose area homelessness is an issue and it’s getting worse.  Katie Donahue, youth program coordinator for Hilltop Tri-County Resources, said the Montrose School District has around 89 families who said they were homeless when registering children for school.  Homeless people in Montrose are not transients, but rather residents who have fallen on hard times because of loss of jobs.
Source: The Watch (Posted 5:47a)

And who’s there to reach out a helping hand, Christ’s Kitchen in Montrose. They offer a free lunch to anyone Monday-Friday at the MADA (Mexican-American Development Association) building at N. 6th and Grand Avenue. Donations are always accepted and volunteers could always be utilized. Lunch is served from 11:30-1. The meal consists of four courses: soup, salad, entree, dessert, and beverages. For more information call 252-6415.
Source: PSA    (Posted 5:49a)