NEWS: Tuesday August 24, 2010

Aug 24th @ 6:01 am in News by Scott Staley

Last night the Olathe Board of Trustees voted to put the issue of prohibiting medical marijuana centers in the town, on the November ballot.  One member of the public asked what the revenue to the town was while their one and only dispensary was open, and Mayor Pro-Tem Wayne Blair said before the election those numbers would be presented, but that they’re open now, to the public for those who want them.
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Yesterday, Governor Bill Ritter announced he has appointed 17 members to the River Access Dispute Resolution Task Force. The Task Force was created to help craft a dispute-resolution process to resolve future conflicts between river users and private landowners on Colorado waterways.

The Task Force appointments follow heated debate that occurred earlier this year over proposed legislation, a specific dispute along the Taylor River and the introduction of several ballot measures which have since been withdrawn.

The Governor appointed the following 14 members to serve as voting members of the Task Force. The terms expire at the pleasure of the Governor:
Robert A. Hamel of Howard
Greg Felt of Salida
G. David Costlow of Fort Collins
Thomas J. Klienschnitz of Grand Junction
Leslie A. Tyson of Denver
Jay P.K. Kenny of Denver
Lee L. Spann of Gunnison
James R. Ford of Pagosa Springs

John G. Leede of Greenwood Village
Charles B. White of Denver
Jay Fetcher of Clark
Paul C. Crane of Boulder
Sen. Dan Gibbs of Silverthorne
Undersheriff Richard D. Besecker of Gunnison

He also appointed three members to serve as non-voting members of the Task Force, also with terms expiring at the please of the Governor:
Rebecca Swanson of Denver, to serve as a co-chair of the Task Force from the Governor’s Office
Patrick D. Tooley of Denver, to serve as a non-voting ex-officio member and as a legal advisor to the Task Force
Carolyn F. Burr of Denver, to serve as a non-voting ex-officio member and as a legal advisor to the Task Force

The executive director of the Department of Natural Resources, or a selected designee, will also serve as a co-chair. The charge of the Task Force is to develop a framework for resolving conflicts among landowners, anglers, commercial rafters, and the boating public on a stretch-by-stretch basis as disputes arise. The group will:

Hold two public meetings in different parts of the state to gather stakeholder input.
Hold at least four other open meetings to evaluate the public input and consider options for a dispute-resolution process.
Prepare a final report with recommendations for the Governor and Legislature by Dec. 31.

For more information about Colorado boards and commissions, or to obtain an application to serve on a board or commission, visit the Boards and Commission website, e-mail, or call 303.866.6380.
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Public Notice!! On Wednesday August 25th, the Montrose Fire Protection District in cooperation with the Montrose Police Department and the Montrose County Sheriff’s Office will be sponsoring a Bomb Recognition class conducted by the Grand Junction Bomb Squad. This class will help Emergency First Responders to recognize and properly manage incidents that present potential explosive devices or hazardous conditions that could pose a threat to life and property.

The class will start at 9:00am Wednesday August 25th with lectures on explosives recognition, hazards, protective distances, evacuations, and how to contact explosive response experts (Bomb Squad).

Starting at approximately 10:00am, the class will move to the City of Montrose’s Sunset Mesa gravel pit for practical demonstrations. The demonstrations will show attendees the affects of different explosive agents. There will be approximately ten detonations that could be heard throughout the city. The practical portion of the class will conclude before 1:00pm. Roads to the gravel pits will be closed to the public during the demonstration times.
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Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck plans to give up two months pay while he campaigns for the U.S. Senate. The Greeley Tribune says Buck drafted a letter to Weld County commissioners about the issue yesterday. Buck earns $140,000 a year and will give up $11,666 in pay for September and October. Assistant District Attorney Michael Rourke will oversee the office while Buck campaigns against Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet. However Buck says he’ll stay in regular contact with his office while his on the campaign trail.
Source: Greeley Tribune (Posted 6:00a)