NEWS: Wednesday September 22, 2010

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Daniel Ryan appears in court this morning. Ryan is accused of murdering 14-month-old Hailey Rocha on September 11th while he was watching her as her mother worked. Ryan could face up to 96 years in prison and is currently facing charges on Child Abuse Resulting In Death and 2nd Degree Murder.

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Foreclosure filings in Colorado rose for the second month in a row in August, but foreclosures are still down when compared to last year. According to a report released today by the Department of Local Affairs’ Division of Housing, foreclosure filings in Colorado’s metropolitan counties fell 10.1 percent in August as compared to August of last year. There were 3,142 new foreclosure filings during August compared to 3,496 filings during the same period last year. Monthly foreclosure filings totals have been down year-over-year each month since April.

Foreclosure sales at auction, however, increased from August of last year to the same time this year. Foreclosure sales at auction rose 29.7 percent, rising from 1,359 during August of last year to 1,763 during August of this year.

From July to August this year, foreclosure filings rose 15.6 percent, and foreclosure sales at auction fell rose 11.5 percent.

“Call volume has traditionally gone up in August in recent years, but we are starting to see more foreclosures advancing through the process than was the case last year,” said Stephanie Riggi, manager of the Colorado Foreclosure Hotline call center. “For a while, mortgage servicers were regularly taking 12 to 18 months to process foreclosures, but now it looks like we’re seeing a return to a more normal six to nine month period for foreclosures to go through the process.”

Foreclosure filings are the initial filing that begins the foreclosure process, and foreclosure sales totals are the total   number of foreclosures that have been sold at auction at the end of the foreclosure process.

“We saw numbers increase from July to August, but compared to last summer’s number, we’re seeing totals drop off a bit, said Ryan McMaken, a spokesperson for the Division of Housing. “But the larger trend doesn’t seem to have changed much. We hit a plateau with foreclosures back in 2008, and we haven’t seen a sustained drop or a sustained rise in foreclosure activity since.”

Foreclosure activity varied by county. The counties with the largest decreases in foreclosure filings from August 2009 to August 2010 were Adams County and Denver County, where filings decreased by 24.2 percent and 20.0 percent, respectively. Pueblo County reported the largest rise in new filings with an increase of 31.6 percent, year-over-year.

Year-over-year, all counties showed increases in foreclosure sales at auction. From August 2009 to August 2010, foreclosure sales increased 196 percent in Mesa County. Arapahoe County and Weld County reported the smallest increases among all counties surveyed with increases of 5.3 percent and 15.4 percent, respectively.

The county with the highest rate of foreclosure sales was Adams County with a rate of 616 households per foreclosure sale. Weld County came in second with 634 households per foreclosure sale. The lowest rate was found in Boulder County where there were 2,029 households per foreclosure sale. The largest increase in foreclosure rates since 2009 was found in Mesa County where the foreclosure rate increased from 2,133 households per foreclosure to 720 households per foreclosure, year-over-year.

The Division of Housing’s monthly foreclosure report surveys foreclosure activity in the twelve largest counties of Colorado. The report is a supplement to the Division’s quarterly foreclosure report that includes all counties in Colorado.The full report is available on the Division of Housing blog:
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Cannon Air Force Base gave public notice on September 3rd that it plans to perform an “environmental assessment” for future low-altitude aircraft training in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado – and it wants public feedback by Monday, October 4, 2010.  The Air Force seeks to establish a Low Altitude Tactical Navigation (LATN) training airspace for Special Operations Forces now located at Cannon Air Force Base.  According to the notice, “Current missions require training in varied mountainous terrain and desert-like environments. The Air Force selected the proposed LATN area due to the lack of large civilian populations, proximity to Cannon AFB and varied topography which provide realistic training for various types of C-130 and CV-22 Osprey aircrews.” (The C-130 is a very large and very loud propeller-driven cargo plane and the CV-22 Osprey is a smaller loud prop-driven plane with hovering capability. Both are able to carry extensive surveillance equipment and/or weaponry.)

The proposal specifies approximately three training flights per day, approximately 688 per year, at a minimum 200 feet above ground level at airspeeds below 250 knots. The majority of flights would occur on weeknights after dusk.  At present, no specific routes in the area have been identified, so conceivably they could be as far west as Farmington, Durango, and Grand Junction; as far east as Trinidad and La Junta; as far north as Aspen and Colorado Springs; and as far south as Santa Fe and Albuquerque. It is simply not known.

The Peaceful Skies Coalition, a citizens group formed in Taos on September 15th, is against the Air Force LATN Proposal for a variety of reasons including disruption of wildlife, disruption of ranching, farming, quiet lifestyle and economy, as well as intensive aviation fuel contamination of our clean air, land and water.

All residents in the proposed New Mexico/Colorado LATN area who would like to help are invited to join the Peaceful Skies Coalition. The formation of local chapters of Peaceful Skies Coalition is encouraged; please contact Cliff Bain to coordinate efforts. A meeting will be held in Taos this Monday, September 27th at 6:30 pm at the Don Fernando Hall on Civic Plaza Drive and Placitas. Everyone is invited to attend.
The Coalition suggests the following actions:
1) Inform your fellow citizens about the flyover plan and the October 4th deadline.
2) Request an extension of the October 4th deadline for comments by contacting: Cannon AFB Public Affairs Office, 110 E. Sextant Ave., Suite 1150, Cannon AFB, NM 88103.  Phone: 575 784-4131  Email:
3) Download Air Force SCOPE forms to send your comments by October 4th. Go to to download Comment Forms.
4) Contact your Congressmen stating your position and asking theirs on the proposed plan.
Peaceful Skies Coalition Cliff Bain 575  770-2167
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