NEWS: Tuesday September 28, 2010

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A family whose son’s life was taken by a Colorado State Trooper in July hopes for justice and just might get it now that the case has been turned over to a grand jury.  In a letter to State Patrol Major Barry Bratt, Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger said that the two months worth of investigation by the critical incident team has encouraged him to turn the evidence over to a grand jury in deciding the fate of the Trooper who pulled the trigger that killed 31-year-old Jason Kemp.  Witnesses say Kemp was unarmed at the time of the shooting, but was not willing to let troopers into the home without a search warrant. Kemp is believed to have been involved in a traffic accident moments before the shooting at the Glade Park home. There are three Colorado State Troopers on paid administrative leave.
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Several schools in the Montrose County RE-1J district are one step closer to safe-guarding their students after a $25,000 purchase of the Raptor System. NBC 11 News writes that the Raptor System requires a visitor to the school to show their driver’s license. The license is then run through the system; if the screen turns red, a school resource officer is alerted, if not, a visitor’s pass is printed. A person can be flagged for things such as including sexual offenses. After a slashing incident at Montrose High School in 2008, the school erected a glass wall, lobby-like entrance at the school to prohibit visitors from walking straight into the school. New security cameras were also recently installed at several Montrose schools. The Raptor System is used in almost every school in the Montrose/Olathe District.
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The Fort Lewis College enrollment numbers are official and the news is good. The student head count increased by 2.1 percent over the 2009 fall semester for a total head count of 3,700. Last fall, that number was down about 80 students. The increase this year means that the declining enrollment that Fort Lewis College has seen since 2007 has halted. In other colleges, Mesa State Main Campus has reported that nearly half their classes are more than 90 percent full and 27 percent of classes are at full capacity. The Mesa State Montrose campus has reported a 35 percent increase in student enrollment this year compared to last fall.
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At least one in five homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their houses are worth…and an increasing number of people in Colorado, and across the nation, think it’s okay to walk away from those mortgages. In Colorado, foreclosures are up nearly 18% since last year, according to the Colorado Division of Housing. A Pew Research Center survey finds about two-thirds of Americans believe it’s unacceptable to stop making house payments…but 36 percent say, at least in some cases, it makes sense. Liz Quick is an attorney who counsels people considering bankruptcy. She says having a lawyer or credit counselor look at the original loan documents can sometimes be helpful. Quick thinks “walking away” isn’t an especially accurate term…that most people try to hang on and keep paying as long as they can, even when bankruptcy or negotiating with creditors would be better options. In the Pew survey, the less secure people felt about their finances and the more their homes had dropped in value, the more likely they were to say it’s okay to default on a mortgage.
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