NEWS: Wed. Sept. 29, 2010

Sep 29th @ 5:36 pm in News by Scott Staley

Because of the latest recession the Telluride Town Council has been forced to some serious budget cutting so as a result they have decided to take a conservative approach when it comes to the 2011 fiscal year. According to The Watch the Town Council will proceed cautiously based on flat revenue projections even though there have been some indications of economic improvement.  Sales tax revenues for the year are lining up to come in according to budget projections, and total Real Estate Transfer Tax collections are projected to come in at $2.3 million ahead of the budgeted $1.7 million.
Source: The Watch (Posted 5:25p by Jim Kapp)

The City of Montrose is contemplating buying land from Montrose Economic Development Corp., which they can use , up to half a million dollars , to help attract EXTRA Aircraft to Montrose. According to the Montrose Press the Mon. Assoc. for Commerce and Tourism, Montrose ACT is currently taking a petition drive to help drum up support for EXTRA.  The company is hoping to build its 500 series acrobatic planes in a plant here in Montrose and is looking for incentives from MEDC, as well as the city, the county, Region 10 and the state.  Extra’s CEO is in town this week to talk with stakeholders and promote his company.
Source: Montrose Daily Press (Posted 5:26p by Jim Kapp)

Supporters and opponents of a statewide ballot measure say public safety and taxpayer dollars could be at stake pending the outcome of the November elections. NBC 11 News reports this afternoon that Proposition 102 asks voters if they want to place limits on how inmates are able to bond out of jail, specifically through a state-run program called pretrial services.  In the legal process, a judge is allowed to issue what’s called an unsecured bond — meaning a bond amount is set and the defendant is released, but they don’t pay a penny of it unless they fail to show up for their next court date. Under current state law, many accused criminals who receive unsecured bonds are released to the supervision of pretrial services as a condition of that bond — something Proposition 102 would change.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 5:31p by Jim Kapp)