NEWS: Thur. Oct. 7, 2010

Oct 7th @ 5:31 pm in News by Scott Staley

The Montrose County Board of County Commissioners has made the Boyd Report available at the Montrose County Administration Building. To receive a copy, a public records request form must be completed and $7.25 paid ($0.25 per page x 29 pages).  The Boyd Group is the professional consulting company the county hired to conduct due diligence on Extra Aircraft Manufacturing Company.  A special meeting of the Board will be held next Wednesday, October 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the County’s Board Room to consider the latest proposal from Extra Aircraft.  The public and the media are encouraged to attend.
Source: News Release  (Posted 5:25p by Jim Kapp)

Colorado Republicans and Democrats say they will all have to give up some of their cherished programs as the state struggles to cut $1.1 billion next year. The Daily Sentinel reports that one of the first things on the governor’s agenda before this month ends is to cut $248 million from this year’s budget.  Democrats say public education will be a target again next year after lawmakers cut $260 million last year. Republicans say they will have to cut funding for prisons, get rid of some economic development programs and cut money for tourism promotion.  On Nov. 1st Gov. Ritter will submit his budget for next year to the Joint Budget Committee, which begins discussions on Nov. 10.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 5:27p by Jim Kapp)

Seven years after a Grand Junction man is accused of stabbing a man more than two dozen times his fate still hangs in the balance. KREX has learned that  the case of Troy Mondragon, was back in a courtroom to determine if he was mentally competent and if his case could move to a second trial. In 2003 Mondragon broke into a victim’s home and stabbed him 27 times.  The jury originally found him guilty of attempted first degree murder and sentenced him to 40 years in prison.  The Court of Appeals later ruled that the judge must prove that Mondragon was competent at the time of the trial.
Source: KREX (Posted 5:29p by Jim Kapp)