NEWS: Monday October 11, 2010

Oct 11th @ 6:52 am in News by Scott Staley

So far there have been 10 deaths this year on Fourteeners, maybe 11, as one Chicago man is missing on the Mount of the Holy Cross near Vail. A search for James Nelson is underway as we speak (see story below). However, according to the Denver Post, there is no current system of tracking how many people scale the state’s tallest mountains, let alone how many have reached the summit, but year’s like this one, could fuel a push to impose fees or registration for the heavily trafficked mountains. Some authorities believe some deaths are caused by “Summit Fever,” which is the irrational push to make the top, which sometimes eclipses good judgment. Ultimately it seems more people are moving to the more difficult mountains and are less equipped. Colorado has 54 mountains above 14,000 feet.
Source: Denver Post (Posted 6:49a)

Colorado authorities say they’re searching for a Chicago hiker who hasn’t been heard from for a week. The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office says a search and rescue effort began Saturday for James Nelson. According to the Vail Daily, the 31-year-old set out on a five-day hike of Mount of the Holy Cross near Vail on Oct. 3. The Colorado National Guard is dropping search teams and conducting an aerial search on the mountain. James is an experienced hiker and is equipped with proper gear and supplies, but authorities say he isn’t carrying a cell phone. The search wrapped up last night and is scheduled to pick up again this morning.
Source: Vail Daily (Posted 6:51a)

As Washington state voters consider whether to repeal recently passed taxes on soft drinks, candy and bottled water, they can look to Colorado for some advice. A similar tax began here earlier this year. Kathy White from the Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute says none of the soft drink industry’s dire predictions – from job losses to taxes on other kinds of groceries – have come to pass. White thinks the soft drink industry is fighting hard to pass an initiative to repeal the taxes in Washington because if it fails, other cash-strapped states will also try to make soda and candy taxable items.
Source: Press Release    (Posted 6:51a)

This Wednesday will be the last of the Montrose County Town Hall meetings scheduled for the year, the first three being in Olathe, Montrose, and Naturita.  Wednesday’s meeting, in Maher, is open to the public and begins at 11:00a at the Onion Valley Club on Highway 92. The purpose of these meetings is for citizens of Montrose County to share information, concerns, and questions with County leadership.
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The Montrose County Commissioners will be back in Montrose on Wednesday night to hold a special meeting regarding the Boyd Report and EXTRA Aircraft. This meeting begins at 7:00p and will be at Friendship Hall at the Montrose County Fairgrounds.
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