NEWS: Friday October 15, 2010

Oct 15th @ 3:57 pm in News by Scott Staley

Coroner testifies. The doctor who performed the autopsies on 1975 murder victims Linda Benson and her 5-year-old daughter Kelly is testifying today in the trial of accused killer Jerry Nemnich. The Daily Sentinel says Dr. Thomas Canfield, the Montrose County Coroner, told jurors the females probably bled to death from multiple stab wounds to their bodies.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 4:31p)

If you’re driving through Montrose and see smoke southwest of town, it’s ok! The Montrose Interagency Fire Management Unit has planned to burn 300 acres between today and tomorrow and has only reached 90 acres today. Weather permitting, burning will continue tomorrow. The fire is burning on Sims Mesa (about 15 miles southwest of Montrose). Stay up-to-date by calling the automated hotline at 874-6602.
(Posted 3:55p)

Billboard gets taken down. The controversial billboard in Grand Junction depicting President Obama as 4 racy cartoon characters has been taken down. KREX says the unnamed man who paid to have the billboard created, called artist Paul Snover and had him remove the sign this morning.
Source: KREX (Posted 3:56p)

The Mesa County Coroner’s Office has completed its examination regarding the death of Robert W. Tracy, an 81-year-old male resident of Grand Junction. Mr. Tracy was traveling south on N 1st Street last evening while returning home from dinner at a local restaurant when his three-wheel electric vehicle was struck from behind. The Cause of Death was Multiple Blunt-Force Injuries and the Manner of Death was Accident. Mr. Tracy was well known and well liked throughout the area and was often seen around town in his rickshaw-like vehicle. Mr. Tracy was a member of a local service organization and would frequently dress as a clown in local parades. The law enforcement agency overseeing this investigation is the Grand Junction Police Department.
Source: Press Release    (Posted 4:04p)