NEWS: Tuesday October 19, 2010

Oct 19th @ 3:57 pm in News by Scott Staley

Goverment and Indian farmers reach settlement. The government and American Indian farmers who say they were denied farm loans have agreed on terms for a $680 million settlement of a long-running lawsuit. According to the Daily Sentinel, the two sides agreed on the deal after more than 10 months of negotiations. The government and the Indian plaintiffs met today in federal court in Washington to present the settlement to U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan. A hearing on preliminary approval of the deal is set for October 29th. Sullivan indicated he is pleased with the agreement, calling it historic and stepping down from his bench to shake hands with lawyers from both sides. The lawsuit filed in 1999 contends that Indian farmers and ranchers lost about $500 million because they were denied federal loans.
Source: Daily Sentinel/AP    (Posted 5:16p)

Care for military dogs. The Army has set up a new veterinary medical unit at Fort Carson to treat U.S. and allied military working dogs during deployments.  The Denver Post says the 438th Medical Detachment was activated last week. It will have about 55 soldiers.  Lt. Col. Scott Bormanis, the unit’s commander, says it’s designed to care for up to 60 dogs. It can also treat any civilian livestock or pets injured by military action in a combat zone.  Fort Carson officials say the unit hasn’t been ordered to deploy but will train for that.  When it’s not deployed, the unit is available to help the Fort Carson Veterinary Service care for about 8,500 pets belonging to active-duty, reserve and retired military personnel and their families.
Source: Denver Post/AP    (Posted 4:56p)

Arrest by DTF. The Western Colorado Drug Task Force says a routine traffic stop led to the arrest of a California woman after 20 pounds of pot was found in her car. NBC 11 News says Cindy Lemus is being held at the Mesa County Jail on a $7,500 bond. Authorities say she was arrested on I-70 in the wee-hours of this morning. Officials pulled her over for a left lane violation when she allegedly wouldn’t let a semi truck pass her.

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Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 4:47p)

Jerry Nemnich trial, Day 4. A friend and neighbor of Linda Benson from 1975 testified in court this morning. According to the Daily Sentinel, Maureen Henson, who used the last name of Grant in 1975, said that despite evidence suggesting a struggle, she never heard anything in Benson’s apartment the night of her and her daughter’s murder. Benson lived below Henson. Jerry Nemnich is standing trial for the two murders after DNA linked him to the case. Henson did mention that three days prior to the murder an older man walked into their apartment mumbled something and walked out. She also said she never knew the name Nemnich or that of his girlfriend at the time, Sandy Higgins.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 3:54p)

Matching funds. If the Wright Opera House is able to raise enough funds by November 1st, they will be able to keep a $75,000 grant from the Gates Family Foundation. The Watch writes that a huge pledge by Ouray residents Barrett Toan and his wife Polly O’Brien was upped by $75 grand, after the Friends of the Wright Opera House announced that any donations received prior to October 31st will be matched. The object is to save and restore the building that was constructed in 1888. Learn more at
Source: The Watch (Posted 3:56p)

Bashing health care reform is a popular tactic in ads this election season — but the critique may be off base. Consider the findings of a bi-partisan panel of business leaders, lawmakers, health care providers and consumers. They proposed a similar plan for the state two years ago. Dr. Ned Calogne is with the Colorado Trust. He says among the provisions of the 2008 proposal: that every Coloradan have insurance. The Colorado Trust recently completed a side-by-side comparison of the Affordable Care Act — and the Colorado proposal. Dr. Calogne says they found other similarities, including the mandate that employers offer coverage and an establishment of insurance exchanges.
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