NEWS: Wednesday October 20, 2010

Oct 20th @ 11:15 am in News by Scott Staley

U.S. Department of Agriculture Under Secretary Harris Sherman spoke at Intermountain Resources today. Intermountain is the timber mill in Montrose that is in receivership, but is slowly picking up business. Sherman met with local government officials and timber industry workers regarding strategies he and the forest service are coming up with to keep the mill open. He believes the mill, which processes beetle-kill wood from the state’s infested forests, is vital to regional restoration efforts.
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Public meeting in Montrose tomorrow. The Montrose County Board of County Commissioners are concerned about the transaction involving the Montrose Memorial Hospital that took place last Friday Of particular concern is the transfer of the Montrose Memorial Hospital assets which were public assets, to a private corporation, with no apparent oversight or protection of those assets.  The Commissioners have concerns about the lack of transparency and stakeholder involvement.  The Commissioners will hold a public meeting concerning potential action regarding the Hospital Board of Trustees related to this matter at 4 o’clock tomorrow at Friendship Hall.
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Delta County won’t help out. Delta County has their own transportation issues to worry about and didn’t give the city much encouragement at their most recent BOCC meeting.  The Delta County Independent says Delta City Manager Joe Kerby asked the commissioners if there is any possible way they could do more to help fill the $4 million dollar funding gap for the truck route project.  Commissioners denied that request. They also denied Kerby’s request to support the city on getting part of the project on CDOT’s top priority list. Learn more about the alternate truck route at
Source: Delta County Independent (Posted 4:55p)

Several people testified against Jerry Nemnich today. Nemnich is on trial for murder charges in a 1975 double slaying of a mother and her daughter in Grand Junction. According to the Daily Sentinel, Grand Junction Police Detective Sean Crocker testified today saying they worked with Nemnich’s employer to re-route his trucking route to go through Loma after a time of “passive surveillance” in Longmont. In 2009, DNA linked Nemnich to the crime scene. The jury also heard from Larry Bullard today, the retired law-enforcement veteran who volunteered to re-open the Benson case. He said it took him a few weeks, but he ruled out Ted Bundy, who confessed to killing multiple young women in the 70, including Denise Oliverson in Grand Junction. Day 6 of the Nemnich trial continues tomorrow.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 4:56p)

CRIME STOPPERS is asking for your help solving a Theft that occurred at Crested Butte Community School, 818 Red Lady Avenue Crested Butte, Colorado. Between 4:30 PM on 09/22/10 and 6:30 AM on 09/23/10 a brand new Apple iMac desk top computer was stolen from the Community School. The computer was still in the white suitcase style cardboard shipping container with a carrying handle on top. The box has a color picture of the computer on the front accompanied by the iMac and Apple logos. The computer and keyboard are white in color and have the Apple logo on them.  Anyone with information regarding this Theft or similar crimes is asked to contact the Crested Butte Marshall’s Office at (970) 349-5231 or Crimes Stoppers. If you have information about this crime or any other crime, contact CRIME STOPPERS at 641-8280. You may remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $1,000.00. Crime doesn’t pay, but CRIME STOPPERS does.
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The College Center at Mesa State College main campus officially opens today. The new building is twice the size of the one knocked down February 2009 and has a variety of new amenities including  dining areas, study halls, offices and meeting rooms. Check it out HERE. Mesa State College main campus is located in Grand Junction. Montrose has a branch of Mesa State College at the Montrose Regional Library.
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