NEWS: Thursday October 21, 2010

Oct 21st @ 7:46 am in News by Scott Staley

The coroner says that a Colorado State University student died from meningococcal sepsis and not from bacterial meningitis. The university identified the student who died as Christina Adame, a sophomore who worked at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and lived off campus. The Denver Post says Adame died at a hospital early Wednesday. The Larimer County Coroner’s office said late Wednesday that media reports attributing the death to bacterial meningitis were incorrect. The office says the two diseases are different manifestations of the same bacterial infection. Meanwhile, officials say tests are still under way to determine the disease afflicting an ill freshman. Officials haven’t determined whether there was a connection between the two students.
Source: Denver Post (Posted 8:44a)

Stromayer pleads guilty. A Gunnison County inmate, the center of much controversy at the jail, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts; conspiracy to commit theft by receiving, and a bail bond violation. The Gunnison Country Times writes that if the judge accepts Joseph Stromayer’s plea, he will spend at least three years in prison.  Despite Stromayer’s long rap-sheet, he and a former jailer wed last year, right in the middle of an investigation between a total of 5 people including Tawyna Sponable (the jailer), and two ranking detention officers. That investigation involved contraband, perjury, and conspiracy to intimidate a witness or victim. As part of Tuesday’s plea deal, charges against Stromayer from the jail probe were dropped. He appears back in court in December.
Source: Gunnison Country Times (Posted 7:18a)

Some Mesa County residents are upset and feel shunned as part of the County Administrator hiring process. County Commissioners Steve Acquafresca and Craig Meis told KJCT during last night’s meet & greet that it wasn’t formally opened to the public. The application process has been narrowed down to five candidates. Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland did not attend the meet & greet.
Source: KJCT (Posted 7:46a)