NEWS: Thursday October 21, 2010

Oct 21st @ 12:00 pm in News by Scott Staley

Negotiations between environmentalists and federal officials over drilling on Colorado’s Roan Plateau are off. A court order released Thursday said talks have reached an impasse, leaving it to Judge Marcia Krieger to rule in the case.  Krieger will decide whether or not the Bureau of Land Management adequately analyzed the potential impact of drilling at the Roan Plateau. Federal officials say the area holds an estimated 9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, enough to heat millions of homes for several years. Environmentalists say that the majority of the five million acres of federal land already leased for energy development in Colorado hasn’t even been developed yet.
Source: KJCT/AP    (Posted 12:22p)

Troopers indicted. A Mesa County Grand Jury has indicted two of the three Colorado State Troopers involved in the fatal July shooting of a man in the Redlands. The Daily Sentinel says Trooper Gene Lawyer, shot and killed Jason Kemp, was charged with felony counts of criminally negligent homicide, second degree assault, and criminal trespass. Cpl. Kirk Firko was also charged with criminal trespass. The third trooper, Sgt. Chad Dunlap was not charged by the grand jury.

Kemp was shot July 20, in the doorway of a home after he ordered the troopers to get a warrant before coming into the home. The troopers suspect the 31-year-old was the driver in a traffic incident they were investigating. A witness, Ian Olson, said Kemp was sprayed with pepper spray prior to the shooting. He died of a single gunshot wound to the chest.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 11:48a)

Montrose Memorial Hospital Trustees are not planning to attend a public meeting today that the Montrose County Commissioners called yesterday afternoon regarding the removal of trustees in the wake of their transfer to a private entity. The hospital says Due Process Procedure requires a 30 day notice of a meeting, and they barely had 24 hours. Today’s public meeting is at 4 at Friendship Hall.
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Veteran’s Day Assembly. Centennial Middle School of Montrose is holding their annual Veteran’s Day assembly on November 10th this year at 9:00am. All veterans as well as the general public are invited to attend.
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The mountains of southwestern Colorado are expected to get their first significant snowfall of the season. The National Weather Service said that a storm set to move in today could leave between 4 and 6 inches of snow in the San Juans by Saturday. A winter storm warning is in effect from 6 p.m. Thursday through 6 a.m. Saturday for locations including Ouray, Telluride, Lake City and Silverton. Snow is expected to start falling at elevations above 11,000 feet but that threshold is set to drop to between 9,000 and 10,000 feet. The same storm is forecast to bring rain to lower elevations including Durango.
Source: Daily Sentinel/AP    (Posted 12:00p)