NEWS: Friday October 22, 2010

Oct 22nd @ 6:02 am in News by Scott Staley

No show. Only one Montrose Memorial Hospital Board of Trustee member showed up to the special hearing called by the Montrose County Commissioners yesterday. Doris VanNess is publicly saying she did not vote for the hospital lease agreement. Hospital board president Steve Glasmann says the vote was unanimous. The County still owns the hospital, but the hospital took it upon themselves after months of discussion to vote last week on leasing it to a new entity, called Montrose Memorial Hospital Inc., essentially making it a non-profit hospital. The county is upset they or the public weren’t aware of the decisions being made. Glasmann says the hospital will run the same, just under a different name. The other hospital board members didn’t attend yesterday’s meeting because they weren’t given a proper 30-days notification. The meeting is set to continue Wednesday at 8:30am at Friendship Hall.
Source: Daily Press contributed to this story    (Posted 6:48a)

Power outage. Both sides of West Oak Grove Road in Montrose from 6400 Road to 6200 Road were without power for about 40 minutes yesterday evening. The power outage was caused by a downed tree limb. Power was back on in this area just after 6 o’clock last night. DMEA says about 539 residents were affected.
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Telluride residential changes? At it’s regularly scheduled meeting next week, Telluride Town Council will consider the first reading of an ordinance that would change some residential rental restrictions. The Watch reports that the ordinance would relax the current restrictions limiting short-term rentals in residential districts. This item would ultimately assist those about to go into foreclosure.
Source: The Watch (Posted 6:47a)

The Fruita City Council is considering a ban on smoking in all city parks after complaints that people were lighting up in the stands at Little League baseball games. The Daily Sentinel says council members voted 4-2 this week to have a public hearing on the proposed ordinance before considering the measure again on November 16th.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 6:46a)

The City of Montrose Household Hazardous Waste Event was a pretty big success this year. Public Works Manager Jerry Sieverson reported to city council last night that they collected $980 dollars, which is astounding considering this was the first year they charged for drop-offs. Counting vehicles, they had 60 more people participate in the Hazardous Waste Event compared to last year. Below are some statistics:
122 gallons motor oil
100 light bulbs
692 various types of batteries
127 liquid chemicals
total collected: $983.65
Participants in 2009–72
Participants in 2010–132
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Day six of the Jerry Nemnich trial came and went and on the stand yesterday was CBI agent Cynthia Kramer to undergo a cross-examination, and Nemnich’s girlfriend from 1975, Sandy Higgins. The Daily Sentinel writes that public defender Suzanne Katchmar focused on the drop of blood in the apartment that belonged to an unknown male, which ultimately forced Kramer to admit that that male could ultimately be the killer of Linda Benson and her 5-year-old daughter. Higgins, the former girlfriend, said she recalls Nemnich having blood on his jeans the exact night of the murder. He claimed he was in a bar fight. The trial continues today.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 6:01a)