NEWS: Fri. Nov. 5, 2010

Nov 5th @ 6:00 am in News by Scott Staley

The US Air Force has extended the period for public input regarding its intent to prepare an Environmental Assessment for a proposed Low Altitude Tactical Navigation training area over northern New Mexico and southern Colorado. Deadline for comment is Nov. 15.  According to The Watch, The LATN project would be based at Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico. It proposes mostly after-dusk training flights.  All of Montrose, San Miguel and Ouray counties are contained within the boundaries of the LATN proposal.
Source: The Watch (Posted 7:42a by Jim Kapp)

As a result of a fatal shooting in Delta on Oct. 23rd, The Delta Police find themselves a bit shorthanded. The Delta County Independent reports that as a result of that shooting, 3 officers have been placed on paid administration leave which is a formality anytime something like this happens.  The three officers in question were involved in the fatal shooting of Larry Brown in a residential area of Delta last week….
Source: Delta County Independent (Posted 6:50a by Jim Kapp)

The County and City of Montrose are working cooperatively on public emergency warning through the Target Notification System, which is an integral part of the overall emergency management public warning system.  On Wednesday, November 10th, the County and City of Montrose will conduct a live test of the Target Notification System. Segments of the population in the County and City will receive an emergency warning call. The person will be asked to call a phone number provided in the message as a part of the test for the emergency warning system.  Residences with land based phone lines are automatically registered and identified in the Target Notification System. Cell phones and Voice-over IP Phones are not automatically registered.  Persons or residences with cell phones or Voice-over IP Phones wanting to receive emergency notifications need to register those phones with the Target Notification System at:
Source: News Release  (Posted 5:53a by Jim Kapp)

Earlier it was reported that many medical marijuana proponents were looking ahead to 2012 to address the issue of legalizing medical marijuana. It seems some proponents in the Grand Junction area have already started.  KJCT reports Medical marijuana advocates are one step close to overturning Grand Junction’s ban on pot shops as they turned in their petition to the city yesterday.  Now the city will verify the signatures and then send it to the City Council at which point the Council will face the decision either to appeal all or parts of the ban.  The other option is to send it back to a public vote.  Either way the end result may still not be what advocates are hoping for, an all out ban on medical marijuana dispensaries….
Source: KJCT (Posted 5:54a by Jim Kapp)

R-5 High School and Rim Rock and Chatfield elementary schools will have to improve in the next five years or risk closure. This according to a recent report from the Daily Sentinel.  The state board of education Wednesday adopted recommendations to have R-5 create a “turnaround plan to help improve their situation.  Meanwhile District 51 is bracing itself for even steeper budget cuts.  They are facing some tough choices as they formulate their 2011-12 budget.  December and March state revenue forecasts will paint a clearer picture of what to expect.
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 5:55a by Jim Kapp)

On a positive note, Thirty-three of District 51′s 43 schools were top rated in academic performance, in the state’s new assessment system. According to an NBC 11 News report two–thirds of Colorado schools earned the “performance” level, or the best rank. Schools are categorized by the type of plan they need to submit for academic improvement.  The highest category is “performance.” That means the school must outline a plan in how they’ll continue their high achievement.
Source: NBC 11 News]  (Posted 6:45a by Jim Kapp)

Newly released affidavits concerning the sexual charges against District Attorney Myrl Serra have come out and in general it states that Serra sent a sexual text message to an ex-girlfriend, a questionable e-mail to another female employee and it also stated that at least one woman employee was afraid of being fired if she came forward.  Until the release of these affidavits the Colorado Attorney General’s office had been tight lipped  about the circumstances leading to Serra’s arrest on Sept. 30th.  He has since been released on $5 thousand bond.  The affidavits go into explicit details surrounding the Serra case and have been posted in the Montrose Daily Press.
Source: Montrose Daily Press (Posted 6:46a by Jim Kapp)