NEWS: Mon. Nov. 8, 2010

Nov 8th @ 7:45 am in News by Scott Staley

News last week that Toys For Tots will not be collecting gifts has many in Mesa County area  wondering how to fill the gap. But according to KJCT thanks to many individuals and community organizations they are making an effort to make sure many underprivilidge children will have a happy holiday.  Eight local Lions Clubs have announced that they are teaming up with the Salvation Army to bring needy kids gifts for the holidays.  There will be collection boxes placed around the valley by Lions members and they will also work side by side with the Mesa County Workforce Center to distribute toys to needy families….
Source: KJCT (Posted 8:51a by Jim Kapp)

The Bureau of Land Management is in a battle to keep the desert clean, but right now they seem to be losing the battle. NBC 11 News reports  Sheriff’s Deputies and Park Rangers responded to reports of explosives Sunday evening. Turned out it was actually a wrecked car getting used for target practice near 34 and C Road. The group of shooters actually towed the wrecked car out for its final trip.  Rangers say anything people bring into the desert for target practice must be cleaned up entirely. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. Glass shards, beer cans, smashed pumpkins, bullet shells, a car battery, and other blown–up remnants completely cover the area.
Source: NBC 11 News (Posted 8:53a by Jim Kapp)

Paul Beller, president of the Delta School district’s Coordinating Council told the School Board members that teachers would like more representation on the Budget Task Force. The Delta County Independent reports that the task force was formed in the fall of 2009 to review and evaluate cost-saving opportunities for Delta County Joint School District #50 in light of projected budget cuts for education at the state level.  Beller said the teachers are committed to a collaborative approach and would be willing to compromise on the 3 additional seats they requested….
Source: Delta County Independent (Posted 6:41a by Jim Kapp)

After a middle-schooler was hit by a drunk driver while walking to school, students and parents in Fruita are wondering about the safety of the road. KJCT explains the accident occurred early Thursday morning at  the intersection of J.2 and J.3 Roads,  about a half-mile from Fruita Monument High School and the Fruita 8/9 School.  While she recovers,  another student was also hit by a vehicle.  That prompted Fruita 8/9 to e-mail parents and tell their children to be extra careful. They asked drivers to be more aware and drive slower because of the darkness early in the morning combined with the amount of students that are walking.  District 51 is expected to discuss these incidents with the city of Fruita and how they can  make some of these routes safer.
Source: KJCT (Posted 6:43a by Jim Kapp)