NEWS: Tue. Jan 25, 2011

Jan 25th @ 4:23 pm in News by Scott Staley

Legislators  battles the issue of needy children’s breakfast program. The Colorado Joint Budget Committee decided last week not to extend free breakfast for needy kids in schools across the state.   KJCT reports that the  state is struggling with balancing its budget and though the decision is not final, this program is on the chopping block.  District 51 Director of Communications, Jeff Kirtland, explains it is  important for kids to have breakfast but he also understands the state’s need to balance the budget.   Mike Berry, executive director of Kids Aid added  that he knew of teachers bringing cereal and granola bars to school to make sure kids had access to breakfast.
Source: KJCT (Posted 3:15p by Jim Kapp)

Two supervisors let go from Family and Childrens’ Services Division. Two longtime Mesa County Department of Human Services supervisors who had nearly 60 years’ worth of work experience between them have been fired, marking another shake-up within the department.  The Daily Sentinel says that Treva Houck, director of the Family and Childrens’ Services Division, and Mark Neujahr, a child-welfare supervisor, were terminated Friday by Department of Human Services Director Tracey Garchar.  The director explained his move by saying the dept. needs to change the way it handles child-welfare cases….
Source: Daily Sentinel (Posted 3:16p by Jim Kapp)

The Gunnison Sage Grouse is in serious trouble and although the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are looking into it they say the money just isn’t there right now to help protect these birds.  The Crested Butte News has learned from biologist Al Pfister that a final decision on what to do may not come until  a couple of years from now.  The schedule depends on how much money Congress can give the Fish and Wildlife Service and who is competing for those dollars.
Source: Crested Butte News (Posted 3:16p by Jim Kapp)

A bill to set a DUI limit for marijuana. With the increased number of medical marijuana users in the state, Colorado lawmakers are concerned about many getting high and getting behind the wheel.  According to KREX State Sen. Steve King is supporting a bill that would set a DUI limit for marijuana.  Right now there is no law on the books that deals with that issue and many are looking to rectify that….
Source: KREX (Posted 3:18p by Jim Kapp)